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I installed a little too many cars and all GTA Online Content Deleted itself

  • So I installed too many cars, and it gave me a XML error, and I naivelly ignored it, and now my game is missing everything related to GTAO, no models, weapons, vehicles or anything survived, its all gone, and I want to get it back, please help me.

  • @Argentum860 you got an xml message, which i never heard of, telling you that you had too many cars and mods, which are prohibited online, and then everything was deleted?

    Was the xml message like this?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <body>Don't ignore this xml message about too may cars. If you do your PC will be reformatted.
    This is your last warning before all your content is deleted. Have a nice day.

  • It was a warning about that </Path> thing not being corrected to something at the top of the file, honestly can't remember rn.

  • @Argentum860

    So you concluded that a syntax error, a missing or improperly closed tag, deleted all your content?

    What you haven't clarified is if you were trying to use mods in GTAO which isn't possible under normal circumstances with the mods on this site. In other words were you cheating?

    If the file in question is dlclist.xml, then a serious syntax error will keep all addon cars, peds, and weapons from loading. You can post your contents of that file here for inspection. But im referring to modded SP.

    You're talking about GTAO.

  • I modded GTAO stuff into SP bc it's not normally accessable in SP, and I also added Addon Vehicles bc I wanted Custom Vehicles, annd I added too many, and there was a XML warning on OpenIV and I saved it, and when I use Menyoo to spawn in cars, none of my addons or GTAO Cars vanished, and my modded in weapons also vanished.

  • @Argentum860 When asking for help you need to be specific. I'm assuming the warning you got had nothing to do with too many cars because some users here have over 1000 cars installed and OpenIV doesn't warn about the quantity of addons.

    The message you got probably was a dlclist.xml error, which is why i suggested you post the contents here so we can help fix the error, likely a small syntax error.

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


  • @Argentum860
    Remove all the duplicate path tags at the bottom, only keep one

  • YOU DID IT, YOU SAVED MY GTA! Thank you so much brov

  • @Argentum860 Good. Anything can be fixed, except a broken heart.

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