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Future of Modding GTA6

  • Just read this article

    and it made me realize GTA5 is an evil and illusionary game and that Rockstar will likely do everything they can to block any mods that are evil or not politically correct in updates and in GTA6.

    We all know Los Santos is purely fictional. After all, in the real world there is no violence, no weapons, no murder, no drug dealers, no strippers, no hookers, no carjacking, no swearing, no crime, no gangs, no getting drunk or high, and that Lamar would never say the N word to Franklin.

    I was shocked when i purchased the game to find all these fake elements that don't exist in our society. I personally have deleted all swearing audio from the game, all weapons are gone as our hookers, and violent animations so the game is now more realistic and no longer offends me.

    But seriously folks, does it make sense to update a game from 2013 because it contains offensive elements? The entire game is offensive, thats why we love it.

    Do we really want to edit all the games from the past to pretend we live in a perfect society? In light of all the school shootings in the U.S and wars and violence elsewhere, do we redo GTA5 with the next updates so it is only for kindergarten children?

    And speaking of online, anyone who plays any coop game online and is offended by all the swearing and racist comments and overall toxicity shouldn't be gaming in the first place because like it or hate it, that's the reality.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    P.s. it's amazing how drag queens were removed, but the latino community, portrayed in GTA as exclusively manual workers, gardeners, construction workers, and violent gangs - well they obviously don't have a voice. Fucking R* hijos de putas.

  • @JohnFromGWN Touché.

    Im just grateful for GTA V SP modding plus those who make it possible including the experts on this forum.

    Other than finishing the storymode one time I got no interest in vanilla GTA V or GTA 6 or playing online or FiveM.

    Assuming GTA 6 can be modded my guess it will take a while for authors to get familiar with it so I figure GTA V SP modding has significant lifespan remaining.

    Worst case scenario say GTA 6 cant be modded im perfectly happy with GTA V SP mods.

    Thanks again to all who make GTA V SP mods possible.

  • Caring about GTAO in the first place, fucking lol. A shame R* unfortunately has gone on the politically correct train, probably due to pressure from T2.

    As for blocking """"""evil""""""/non-PC mods: 5mods already doesn't do allow certain mods (like ones that involve drama magnets like politics) so nothing new there.

    @gtavjamal FiveM is even worse than GTAO or R* my man, you can't even jokingly say "nigga" against someone or you'll get banned from 99% of the servers because FiveM is 99% kids that run servers.

  • @Rstein Yeah dawg. I don't play GTA V to socialize.

    Thats funny getting banned by like some FiveM server 10 year old admin lol.

    Im 14 but 10 seems like a very long time ago.

    Also im black. I say nigga every 2nd word. People say it to me all day on the regular like nothing. If someone says it to me in a negative way so what. Just a word coming from someone I don't care about. I support freedom of speech even if its against me. It's when they cap my freedoms then that's a different story.

    Rockstar like any business are all about the money. Naturally they will always follow the path of least resistance to maximize profits.

  • @Rstein Play on a Steam coop game, pvp, and you will hear the n word 50 times and if anyone texts in Spanish they'll be called beaners immediately. And ofc there's all the antisemitic slurs.

    Funny part is i could be called whitey, or honky, or cracker, or a f@#$%%%% Canuck and it wouldn't bother me one bit.

  • @gtavjamal best thing to do with a racist is to ignore them, as if they didn't exist, they lose, you win.

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