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Mandatory or Improved Licenses Statements for Mods

  • I have been browsing 5Mods for quite a while now and used it for all kinds of Singleplayer Modifications, its intended Purpose. And it is generally a great experience if you stay with soley Singleplayer Modding. But, problems start to arise when trying to do anything related to Multiplayer (say FiveM), modifications of Prexisting Content and so on.
    Often it is the case that the Author states no License. It can become quite tedious to Message Authors for a single Mod and wait for an answer that may never come. This just adds up.

    A License System, like the one from Github would be very Beneficial to the Sites Content Creators and Users.

    Here is how I would Imagine it:
    A The Content Creator can chose from a set of predefined Licenses like MIT or GPL 3.0
    B There are set Parameters the Content Creator can Chose to enable or disable (example):

    • Usage on Multiplayer Services like FiveM (Yes/No/WithConsent)
    • Modifying and Reuploding (Yes/No/WithCredits/WithConsent...)
    • And so on.....

    This could greatly make the Communication between Creator and User more clear, as to now the User knows exactly what he can and can not do (something that was previously a bit unclear).

    I hope this gets at least reviewed, because I am a bit frustrated about it (Trying to search for Cars for my FiveM Server).

    If all above is not reallistic or viable to implement, maybe a change to the Terms of Use would be beneficial, where it clearly states what rights, as a User you have to the Content, unless stated otherwise by the Author.


    @Concon Sadly all of the above is not viable to implement. At least for now.

    The 5Mods site was meant to be and still is a Singleplayer mods site, not FiveM, Alt:V or RageMP. Because of that the Terms of Use of the site are not specific about any kind of external usage. Still, the ToU state a clear message for all the uploaders and they agree with them when uploading and getting their content published on the site. Under the User Content section you can find the following mention for them:

    "You are solely responsible for your User Content. GTA5-Mods.com only acts as a passive conduit for User Content, and will not be liable for any use, disclosure, or exposure of any User Content, including possibly objectionable or offensive User Content, to you, any other user, or any third party."

    I believe is a very clear statement. If the uploaders (assuming they are the real authors) do not put explicit, clear and 5Mods ToU compatible restrictions to their mods usage on external platforms (like FiveM in this case) then there's really nothing preventing you to use them in your server. It's always their responsability to be clear and provide all the conditions before getting the content approved on this site.

    I hope this information was helpful to you.

  • There's nothing stopping me from using not-FiveReborn approved mods in my server though :^) what's that author gonna do, complain to CFXCollective, who already don't give a fuck about FiveM in general, when I don't comply with removing said mod?

    Bit of a strange thing this is, that license agreement stuff. Sure, a author can say "you may NOT use this in FiveM" but then the above applies.

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