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map mods problem

  • custom_maps is not working with liberty city v remix any fix?

  • @Fafk6861952 did you follow the instructions? Is there any reference to using custom_maps?
    Probably not, so why change the installation?

    Before you play around with a complex map like LC, you should read some of the tutorials here.

    Beware if you use an OIV installer because it could overwrite your dlclist.xml, gameconfig.xml, and other files. So backup these files first.

    When you have more experience, or if you're comfortable with xml files you might want to do a manual install by unzipping, unarchiving the OIV and checking out assembly.xml.

    If your LC Version is not an OIV, then once more just follow the instructions. Did it actually say to use custom_maps or did you see that in some dumb video?

    Finally once you get the map loaded, expect issues, potentially, with traffic, minimaps, Trex head missing, bridges not displaying, and ocean sounds in the middle of times Square. You are likely to encounter one or more and all are fixable. And ofc you might fall right through.

    While you will get help here on the forums, remotely troubleshooting somebody else's game is incredibly challenging given the different game versions, hardware, software, installed addons, scripts etc, not to mention the dozens of variations of LC downloads available. Do you want the location east, north, west, south, with vice city, with vice cry, do you want the asi to disable Los Santos, how about the fix for Cayo Perico hole? All of these came with my download and 90% went straight to recycle bin. I deleted all the asi files and crap that could impact my game.

    Confusing AF.

    Im not even sure which version i installed but it had many defects needing fixes.

    Discouraged? Don't be, but do your part to learn. Once you do you will no longer be dependent on others, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to fix any issues, and hopefully you'll be able to help fix other members issues on the forums.

    So in conclusion, screw custom_maps, unless it is specifically in the instructions. In that case find another version of LC and if OIV, backup first.

  • @JohnFromGWN huh its fixed it was becuz of levels.ymt i realize this long ago only me can solve any problem nobody can help you out

  • @Fafk6861952 im glad you fixed your problem. Now you can help others here.

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