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How do I enable add in vehicles when I already have a modified gameconfig?

  • Hello, I want to add dispatchworks and vanillaworks to my game, but I can't seem to get it to work. I looked through the dispatchworks .oiv file and found that it modifies the DLC list and gameconfig, which I can confirm the DLC is still there. However, doing a filedif check, I can't find any noteworthy difference between the two files. What do I need to do to get dispatchworks in my game? I should also add, I don't believe vanillaworks is working either.

  • @Lil_Wuzy OIVs don't delete your DLC, they replace files. When your dlclist.xml is replaced none of your addons are deleted, but because the xml entries are gone your addons will no longer load.

    If you're not comfortable doing manual installs, extract your dlclist.xml to your desktop or copy and paste all the contents and save as a plain text file. After the OIV installation, find the line or lines, generally just one, for the addon, add it to your original dlclist.xml and then drag it into OpenIV so it restores your addons and replaces the OIV one. Do a backup and restore for your gameconfig.xml as well, worst case re-download it.

    I dont have either of your addons, don't know if they conflict with each other or play nice, but process is the same. Backup your dlclist.xml and put in the entry for each of these addons and restore it.

  • both dispatchworks and vanillaworks simply add new vehicles to the game via dlcpack. They both include an outdated gameconfig which should be replaced after installation, I recommend Dilapidateds config.

    The changes to dlclist are simply to add the new lines in order for you to be able to spawn the new content.

    vanillaworks includes a new popcycle and popgroups that causes the vwe vehicles to spawn naturally in traffic.

    To get them both working, simply install one, then the other, and get a new gameconfig, and they should both work out the box.

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