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Error codes

  • Hello, I need help, because a few error codes show up in the last time. some of them are err_mem_embeddedalloc_guard_5 and err_mem_embeddedalloc_guard_4. Please help

  • @LSPDhighway First step is to see if you get the error without any mods.

    So disable your mods and see if your game is stable. If you get the error, we know it's not the mods, it's your game, and you might do a verify integrity.

    Should we assume you have gameconfig, pack and heap installed?

    Also you may want to look at this:

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  • @JohnFromGWN I have many questions. First: I have LC map installed. will lc just be disabled when i deactivate my mods folder? And what happens to the vehicles (police, police2 , police3 etc) which i have inbstalled in mods, and i have an older gameconfig installed, becuase may people said that the version of the gameconfig doesent work.
    It all started when i installed a new police, and a new sheriff car. I loaded into the game, and i spawned police. I didnt install the modified vehicles meta because i had many other cars in it and didnt want to overwrite. So i got into the car, and turned on the els lights. They didnt work, and after a couple of seconds. my gamme crashed with an error code. I dont remember which it was. So i went to openiv, and installed the cars i had before. (police,sheriff) I loaded into the game with rph (lspdfr) and it worked well an half hour. Then, after that 30 minutes, my game crashed with error err_mem_embeddedalloc_free i think or err_mem_embeddedalloc_guard_4. Then I loaded back in, and after 5 minutes it just crashed.

  • @LSPDhighway To disable every single mod, without uninstalling, you simply go in to the root folder, the folder where GTA.exe is and you rename the file called dinput8.dll. Rename it dinput8.bak for example. Now start your game, see if it loads, see if you can play for 30 minutes or more without a crash.

    If you failed this simple test, it means you have problems with the game or your PC hardware or PC software or all of the above. At that point, do a verify integrity on GTA5.

    If you passed that test it means your game and PC are happy and the mods are the problem. You can now rename dinput to its proper name of dinput8.dll and start the troubleshooting.

    The best way to troubleshoot is to disable the mods you think might be causing the problem. If unsure, disable the majority or all of them, except except one, rinse and repeat.

    Disabling doesn't mean you delete or uninstall. For addons, as an example, you can try one of two things:

    • rename the addon folder, that will keep the mod from loading
    • remove or comment out the addon entry in dlclist.xml, this will also keep the mod from loading

    For scripts, just rename the .dll - or rename the scripts folder for simplicity.
    For asi's, just rename the asi but make sure you change the extension. For example Menyoo.asi becomes Menyoo.bak, if not dinput8.dll will try to load it or just load it regardless of the name change.

    As for your gameconfig, download the version which matches your version of GTA5. If you have a pirated game, you won't get support here. If you have an updated game then it is likely that you overwrote your gameconfig when you did an OIV install. Which means redownload, reinstall gameconfig and associated files (pack, heap).

  • @JohnFromGWN i tried renaming dinput8.dll to dinpu8.bak, and now i get an error when i double click on gta: err_gen_invalid. I have my game on german, and its hard for me to translate the rest. But they say i need to reinstall or verify game files.

  • @LSPDhighway pirated game? GTA5 is started through a launcher, not with the executable GTA.exe

  • @JohnFromGWN No, I am not that type of person who pirates gams. There isnt a gameconfig that matches the newest version (2628) and should i maybe lower my graphics to normal?

  • @LSPDhighway As i wrote before, u don't launch the game by double clicking the executable. There is a Rockstar launcher. You edited that part from your comment?

    Do a verify integrity, re-download the latest gameconfig.xml because an OIV might have downgraded it, and once more disable all your mods temporarily and test vanilla game for stability.

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