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[Tutorial] | Vehicles.meta

  • If anyone can help I am looking for where can add more seats and how to adjust them thanks

  • Banned

    @dodgeboy121 said in [Tutorial] | Vehicles.meta:


    Hey Dude! WHAT'S THE CHANCES! I find you here! :grinning:

  • haha yeah bud i really enjoy tinkering with handling lines, and my endeavors in that lead me to this post, i havent published anything yet though

  • Is it possible to include only the vehicle you want in a vehicles.meta? We have a bunch of custom models in our server, and every time we load a new one we override our previous vehicles.meta with the new one.

    Is it possible to structure the per vehicle vehicles.meta, carcol.meta and carvariations.meta to only include the data specific to the car we are trying to load? Haven't been able to find any examples of this.

  • exactly what does 1.54. WEAPONFORCEMULT VALUE do ?

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