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[Tutorial] | Vehicles.meta

  • If anyone can help I am looking for where can add more seats and how to adjust them thanks

  • Banned

    @dodgeboy121 said in [Tutorial] | Vehicles.meta:


    Hey Dude! WHAT'S THE CHANCES! I find you here! :grinning:

  • haha yeah bud i really enjoy tinkering with handling lines, and my endeavors in that lead me to this post, i havent published anything yet though

  • Is it possible to include only the vehicle you want in a vehicles.meta? We have a bunch of custom models in our server, and every time we load a new one we override our previous vehicles.meta with the new one.

    Is it possible to structure the per vehicle vehicles.meta, carcol.meta and carvariations.meta to only include the data specific to the car we are trying to load? Haven't been able to find any examples of this.

  • exactly what does 1.54. WEAPONFORCEMULT VALUE do ?

  • @dodgeboy121 For everyone who wants to know:

    ALLOWJOYRIDING allows the car to be driven recklessly. If you set it to false, it will drive professionally. Like the Bus and Ambulance.

  • Anybody know how to make a fx Sanchez to a police vehicle in "vehicles.meta"

  • @LauiiDK

    '<flags>' line in 'vehicles.meta'

    Give it the 'FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT' (so it can spawn as dispatch. Also causes peds to respect it & get out of the way/not barge past knocking it over if vehicle siren is ON. Leave siren running if leave vehicle or peds will start barging past) & 'FLAG_EMERGENCY_SERVICE' (if you have it set to respond to ped emergencies ('<EmergencyResponses>' bottom of dispatch)).
    You can safely set both flags, there may be other effects/advantages of 'FLAG_EMERGENCY_SERVICE' I'm not aware of.

  • I remember there was a flag or something that makes the vehicle headlights blueish. It had something like halogen in somewhere of it's name but I can't find it anymore :/

  • <layout>LAYOUT_LOW_RACER_FORMULA</layout>
    it is not working, how to use the layout for an addOn mod, does anyone know why?

  • How to edit the vehicle's HP ?

  • @Karabiner98 said in [Tutorial] | Vehicles.meta:

    How to edit the vehicle's HP ?

    A lot of the details on that in this thread.

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