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Asking for Forum Help - A Suggestion

  • If you're new to the forums, please start here for some useful tips and suggestions, when asking for help, by doing your part first.

    1. Forum Search. Why not start by searching the forums? It's very likely that your issue has been posted once, or many times before, hopefully with resolution. While the Search bar on this forum no longer functions, you can find a tip, more info here or click this link for a working method.

    2. Google. If you can't find the issue or topic on the forums, next try Google or your favourite engine. While the help offered on some Youtube videos might be hit or miss, there are many excellent tutorials or "how to's" ranging from scripting, to modelling, to codewalker MLOs, interiors, and YMAPs, etc.

    3. Discord. Often mod creators will offer you help on their Discord servers.

    4. Comment Pages. If your problem is with a specific mod, check its comment page to see if others have the same issue, if there are solutions, or to ask the mod creator assuming he is still alive and active.

    If the methods above fail to resolve an issue, or help you find a tutorial or documentation, then by all means post here.

    Remember, however, that your game setup is going to be different from everyone else's. This includes your version of GTA (Steam, EGS, Retail), your patch version, your PC hardware components, your PC software, and your installed addons, ymaps, MLOs, trainers, replace mods, scripts, asi mods etc.

    Which means please be as specific as possible when describing your problem.

    This could include telling us your level of knowledge modding. If you're brand new to modding, you might not have installed all the necessary framework components such as SH5 and OpenIV properly. Also useful are your version of the game, what kind of mods are installed, and most importantly does your game run without mods.

    And please don't randomly DM forum members for help. I myself get a few of these messages, and while I don't mind helping, remember that discussions about broken games or mods are better suited on the forums. This is so everyone, all forum members, can benefit from learning about an issue and also help participate in the remediation process.

    Of help to the community helpers:

    1. Screenshots are very helpful to describe an issue or show a folder structure. Here is a very short tutorial including a good image upload website, no account required.
    2. Links. The exact name and download link of a problematic mod. Just don't post "none of my mods" work, or I have "a car" that doesn't load. Not helpful.
    3. Log files. Post the contents of text files such as Dlclist.xml or log files. Using pastebin is often best.

    For more info:

    1. How to ask for help and support
    2. Asking for Help on the Forums
    3. Troubleshooting broken game

    Also, please read the GTA5-Mods.com community guidelines

    For example, forbidden:
    No discussions about malware or pirated content
    Download links to original GTA V game files (including pirated content or subsets of files)
    Discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating
    Discussions about console modding

    Important: - What you do on your own computer is your business, but this is a legitimate site so pirated games will not be supported here. Neither will asking for original files (if you purchased the game you can do a verify integrity to restore missing or corrupt files). If you do have a legit/purchased copy and need an older GTA5 game file that you didn't backup, then use Google to find one - don't ask here because it's against the community guidelines.


  • Thank you. :)

  • How to post images

    Where to upload images free without any account


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