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Are custom driving layout animations now possible?

  • Been wondering this for a while. I've seen that a couple people have released little custom animation sets recently. So I'm assuming making custom animations, although I'm assuming limited, is rather possible.

    Does this mean that theoretically we can make new vehicle animations? Vehicle animation sets are known as "layouts" internally, and each car uses a different layout depending on what's assigned. A sports car or supercar will usually use "LAYOUT_LOW", which has the driver in the fetal position. Regular cars and sedans will usually use "LAYOUT_STD" with the hands on 10 and 2 on the wheel. Then you've got ones for trucks, SUVs, etc. But cars can have their own layouts assigned (and some add-on cars do, even, but just still use vanilla animations).

    So is there a small possibility that new driving animations are possible? Instead of having to reposition the seat, steering wheel, as well as rescale the steering wheel and other things, can we now make driving animations that fit for the car? The Skyline R32 is known for having a large steering wheel. But instead of making the wheel smaller or having the driver's legs up inside the dash and wheel, maybe we can give the car its own layout and adjust the hands and legs positions accordingly?

  • Wanted to give this a bump.

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