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dlclist.xml syntax error help

  • Im having a recent dlclist.xml issue on openIV. Everytime I try to save the file it gives me an error that says "End tag "Paths" does not match start tag "Item". Im going to copy and paste the file below.


    Please help, I just spent 30 dollars on mods and now i cant get them in the game.

  • @4dorsmorewhores Assuming the folder name matches the dlc list line I would check all the xml files in the dlc folder to make sure the file names are correct.

  • @4dorsmorewhores
    You error is
    <Item>dlcpacks:\26ftyellowfin\<Item> you can find this at line 101

    and btw, you have a duplicate for this, the duplicate is fine/correct syntax and is found at line 197

    correct syntax is
    <Item>dlcpacks:\26ftyellowfin\</Item> note the closing slash on the last item

    @gtavjamal A syntax error points to tags, not files. Unfortunately in this case the error talks about "Paths" but that's misleading.

    The key to solving this "End tag "Paths" does not match start tag "Item" - is to look at Item. It tells you the end tag (</Item) doesn't match the start tag (<Item>), so that's what you need to look for.

    There is an excellent tutorial by @a63nt-5m1th that is worth reading.

    Tip: never write the tags from scratch. Instead, take a line that you know works, copy/paste it, then edit it, being careful not to screw up the tags.
    You can also, from OpenIV, right click, and from that context menu you will see an option:
    Duplicate Current line
    Either way will prevent syntax errors.

  • @JohnFromGWN Cool thanks dawg. Learning new on the daily from these forums.

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