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  • ok ik im a newbie when it comes to modding but im getting there

    can some one make a massive and i mean massive mod for GTA5

    that has Real LA and back roads (Blane county ect.)... real police that recognize you

    example (when you get away from them and your stars go away

    if you show in there line of site or even get noticed by them the same wanted level so if its watnted level 3

    the same 3 star wanted level will pop up ect... also a 5 star wanted level will get the FIB,SWAT,BLANE and LA cops and the Military after you

    now for the cars... if this can be done yeeeeeet

    real life car brans like Bugatti Porshe and ford ect. real handling also if it snows it slipperly on ice same on sand its slower ect ect......

    real bulidings/billbords ect.

    have real buildings such as chase bank

    7/11 kum&go car dealers ect, idk how many or what brands of buildings they are in LA..

    also a graphics preset that is the real life like almost to real...


    real rain that appear on the screen as they go down real lighting and thunder wind ect...

    explosions ..... more bigger and mimic real life like size, sets the trees on fire (if close)

    sets the buliding on fire (if close)

    refuel your car any car bike or suv (self explanatory)

    real weapon names and icons

    real satellite 8K mini map

    real ragdoll physics...

    real car destroys (like if it explodes the Pices and tires go every ware (like in real life)


    also real traffic and cars trucks ect....

    truck beds/Trailers have real brans on them like Pepsi coke mt. dew

    Lows, Walmart ect.........

    if anyone can make this thanks if not well worth a try and thanks again

  • @Lord_Twilight I know who could do this. A gaming studio called Rockstar.

  • @Lord_Twilight Try going outside, it's more realistic than any mod or videogame

  • @Lord_Twilight Your computer wouldn't even run a mod like that.

  • @Niziul The probability of such a mod running on his computer is pretty much the same as that of assembling a team of designers, technical artists, programmers, and project leads to collaborate on this request, all as unpaid volunteers, and for delivery before the end of June 2022.

  • @JohnFromGWN exactly 🤡

  • i have a ACER RTX 3050TI UHD Graphics (Laptop)

    i understand what you all are saying but ive seen graphics modders do a damn better job then rockstar...

    and how much time it would be and ive seen some PAID MODS that have like real cars as traffic and real trailers on semis like pepsi colas ect....

    and the real buildings like 7/11... citi bank and ect.. and the roads but aren't available anymore..

    also the size of the file if anyone will make it.... would be in the GBs range cuz my pc has 500GBs on it as of now iy can go up to two 1TB SSD drives but thats it.

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