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Looking for better LSPD and no-pickups mods

    1. Been using Fine-Tuned Felony & Response, but it got removed from the site, probably because it doesn't work on newest game version. Any alternatives you can recommend? Mods that don't let police spawn near you, don't let animals report you, have better and more varied units, stuff like that. Most mods I found are pretty old, and most likely outdated. Anything for current game version, considering it exists, would be very nice to have.

    2. Been using Stryfaar's Immersive Pickups mod for a good while, but it is outdated now, makes game crash. It's pretty essential for me. Couldn't find any working alternatives with same functional. In case it exists and I just can't find it, can anyone give me pointers please?

  • @Forrest-Gimp idk if its what you are looking for but VEDGA is what i use, and since the latest update it even changes some gangs, i dont remember any other specific details about the mod but its the only dispatch mod that ive personally used and can recommend, Im sure theres more out there though
    Heres the mod link so you can check it out for yourself

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