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Unnecessary author support for latest game versions?

  • Curious why many / most authors seem to support latest game versions in the case when it's not required to make their specific mods work?

    Problem with constant latest game version support is over time many dope older mods no longer supported get broke.

    That forces us to choose between running latest mods or older mods depending on the game version or have multiple game version files.

    Personally I like to have all mines mods in one working complete game. I also have no interest in online, FiveM or the latest Rockstar dlc so always revert with every update.

    PS. Apologies if this is a retarded question. Ima child of divorce give me a break lol.

  • It's not their duty to never update their game just to keep some abandoned mod alive.

  • @JustDancePC Thanks dawg yeah I get that on an individual basis it's not their duty

    Micro vs macro perspectives.

    Collectively for the modding community's sake I don't get why would anyone would let other authors great older mods go to waste!??

    Like great music it never gets old. Same with dope mods.

    Im guessing these modders use other authors mods too so they potentially face the same issue.

    Even if they don't they would be hella crazy to think any one person solely uses their mods only.

  • @gtavjamal Look, when I make a mod, the last thing I think about is "I'll make this mod for people that still use mods from 2015 so it's compatible with their setup", like, bro, either stick to the old stuff, or update your game, it's your choice. It's not my fault the authors of your favorite mods are gone

  • @JustDancePC Dawg you okay? No need to get worked up. Just a simple question out of curiosity. No disrespect intended.

    As I said before micro vs macro perspectives. You confirmed my point exactly.

    Problem is if everyone only thinks as individuals then as a whole things turn to crap.

    Real talk. Trick is to think in both micro and macro perspectives. That's for life not just GTA V modding.

    Anyway back to my question. Maybe I asked it wrong if so my bad. I'll change up the wording.

    Why is there author support for latest game versions if the particular mod /s don't require it?

  • @JustDancePC @gtavjamal

    There is an easy and very common solution which many modders and developers have thankfully adopted. Offer an archive with older versions. You will see this on github and although I don't know if the links work there is also at least that functionality for the mods on this site.

    @JustDancePC I'm one of the ones who reverted without regret. You have to remember that all our configurations and hardware are different and I'm one of the unlucky users who lost dozens of collisions. There is no way in hell I was going to manually edit, test, and tweak all of these issues with many having their own hit or miss fixes.

    So yes, there is a valid argument for reverting as well as version archives. Thankfully Steam allows me to stay reverted, I keep my own archives of SH5, and I only use my own basic scripts.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah good example with the collisions.

    Im surprised reverting doesn't seem to be the norm.

    Forgive my ignorance. Github meaning for programming? Dope for clever dudes like you. For dumbass's like me programming is unrealistic. Fo real. I can barely program my alarm clock.

    Unfortunately for many older dope broke mods there is only one version publicly released Prior versions were likely unfinished etc.

    All good when ya mods are flava of the month but if these same authors happen to move on and abandon their work then high probability same issue reoccurs.

    To answer my own question I'm assuming authors supporting latest game versions when their mod /s don't require it fall under one or more of the following:

    • Think as individuals (Props to JustDancePC)
    • Love to play online so more convenient to have one GTA V file including their offline SP mods
    • Rockstar supporters / intertwined somehow

  • @gtavjamal github is essentially a site for creators, developers, and programmers to store and offer code for download as well as collaborate. On this github site it is commonplace to offer different versions of the code, for example you'll find Scripthook 5 dotnet versions there and some users have refused to go from sh5dn2 to 3 because it broke their scripts.

    In a perfect world, mods and scripts would all be backwards compatible, but that's not the case.

    I fully understand @JustDancePC 's reasons for only supporting updated versions of the game, but the reality is that many of us will choose not to update, especially if we are SP only.

    One of the reasons SH5 is constantly updated is to be compatible with each GTA5 update. So unfortunately we can't have it both ways, it's either update or revert. Actually with just 2 files, gta5.exe and sh5, you could have 1 installation and go back and forth between versions.

    In reality my game is fully updated with all the new Dlc, the fact that I reverted gta5.exe and its version of sh5 2372 doesn't cause any issues, and since I don't use any scripts except Menyoo and LemonUI, no worries about compatability.

    In passing, I'm pretty sure many veterans use steam emulators like Goldberg to play offline without updates. Personally, I just update, take 1 minute to revert back, so 1 minute once or twice a year. I also have permanently blocked internet access to gta5, but just to remove the ads for GTAO.

  • @gtavjamal said in Unnecessary author support for latest game versions?:

    @JustDancePC Dawg you okay? No need to get worked up. Just a simple question out of curiosity. No disrespect intended.

    Didn't intend to come off as angry or something, lol.

    Problem is if everyone only thinks as individuals then as a whole things turn to crap.

    The thing is, I personally, don't make mods "for the community", I make them for myself, it's just stuff I wanted to have in the game, so I created it. Then, I figured some people might enjoy them as much as I do, so I share them here. Obviously, I'm not going to worry about compatiblity with some mod from 1985 or whatever that I don't even use in the first place.

    Why is there author support for latest game versions if the particular mod /s don't require it?

    Because not everyone wants to keep their game outdated, not everyone wants to bother reverting game versions, not everyone hates GTAO or FiveM and plays them from time to time (or maybe every day, idk) and not everyone cares about old mods.

    If the mod being left behind is open source, you or someone else, can always update it to support the latest game version as well, or idk, someone else can recreate it, reverting doesn't have to be presented like the only option for old mods.

  • @JustDancePC Real good to know you make mods primarily for yourself.

    Too many people do things for the wrong reasons. Usually ego, social acceptance etc.

    Yeah it absolutely surprises me so many like GTAO and FiveM but each to their own whatever.

    Muchas gracias dawg. for confirming my suspicions / taking the time and effort to help answer my question.

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