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Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality

  • Do the admins have the discretionary power to refuse an upload if it is deemed to be total crap and offends good taste? I realize quality is subjective and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but should the mods section really allow itself to become a test area for kiddies playing with 3d modeling and animation without training, experience, skills, taste, or relevance?

    It's easy to tell what the community considers crap by the number of downloads, and I wouldn't be surprised if those talentless kiddies who pollute the mods section repeatedly download their own creations, themselves or with their friends, to artificially increase the count. I sincerely doubt Mafins did that with Menyoo. In fact it's a travesty to have some of the current player uploads along side beautiful conversions such as Alex189's Mai and Lara C.

    Perhaps an implicit guideline to remove mods with less than 150 downloads after 30 days?

    Ideally I would leave it up to the mods to exercise their own judgment to decide if anatomically impossible animations or incredibly poorly textured and/ or rigged mods should be uploaded in the first place.

    Yes you can "chastise " me for calling out the emperor with no clothes, but the community at large should be thankful I'm not uploading crap myself. I fully realize my limitations and my capabilities definitely do not include creating mods.

  • First: Why don't you work on a character to let's see how good your character is...Secondly, some models whose quality is not clear is not an error in forgery or whatever, but rather the error in the model itself.

  • @aallamy553 said in Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality:

    Why don't you work on a character to let's see how good your character is.

    Before replying you could have taken the time to actually read my post which clearly states I don't have the skills to create models. I do definitely have the required skills to create total crap, but thankfully I will not upload crap.

    As for the base or original model having flaws or imperfections, your logic is that if the original model is crap it's perfectly justified to convert it to more crap? Seriously?

    So, real world example, a restaurant serves tainted chicken, infected with Salmonella, and kills 15 patrons who ate it at night. Before sentencing the restaurant owner to death for manslaughter, the judge asks if the owner had any last words.

    The restaurant owner replied that while he absolutely knew the chicken was infected he shouldn't be blamed for serving it, because it wasn't his fault, it was the distributor, Rotten Food Wholesalers, who sold the chicken.

    That makes it acceptable.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Lol. Are you ever going to give this up? You’ve been on this same rant for so long but I’m afraid you’re just a few years too late.
    Maybe the LCPDFR site is more your thing. Otherwise, start paying people to upload quality work, provide actual constructive criticism and tell them how they can improve (instead of saying that you can count each polygon on their model) or just move on.

  • @IAmJFry I would argue that you're the one who is obsessed with the fact that I'm expressing an opinion that differs from your lala land view of life.

    I'm guessing you're a big supporter of the culture of entitlement? It's not quality that matters, it's only participation. The kid who fails math should still be praised and given a free ride, because results don't matter, it's only just showing up that society values.

    The posts i make, which you choose to denigrate as rants, are because I care. Im passionate, something you likely dont understand or have selected me to troll because I'm the only one challenging the state of modding today.

    So keep crapping on me all you want, you're entitled to your opinion, and maybe one day you'll come to the happy realization that there isn't a right or wrong here.

    Please feel free to downvote my posts and reputation, as if i give a rat's ass about those metrics, or your opinion for that matter.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    So angry lol. I feel like I was pretty reasonable in my post but I guess you can take it as you want because all of this is really not that serious. I’m sorry that these things bring you so much unhappiness in life. Maybe when that one day you speak of comes, things will be better for you. Good luck in your pursuit of happiness buddy.

  • @IAmJFry troll and pop psychologist? Without knowing anything about my personal life you've determined i live a miserable life, no job, toothless, no wife or gf, living in a trailer park, no formal education, bald, morbidly obese, bad flatulence disorder, dyslexic, midget, attention whore, devoid of ambition, depressed, anxious, suicidal, gastric reflux.

    But you give me hope that someone will love me one day, accept me for the disaster that i am, one day happiness?

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Maybe one day. 👍

  • @IAmJFry p.s im glad my posts are at least pissing someone off. It's frustrating when you post "rants" and nobody gives a shit.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Oh I thought with the “Lol” (laughing out loud) it would show that I’m laughing. But hey, whatever makes you feel better. 😉


  • @IAmJFry I'll actually apologize for that misunderstanding. I was not being sarcastic, was actually paying you a compliment in an offhanded sort of way. In other words I would prefer you voice your opinion rather than not post at all.

    Having said, there's no reason to personally attack someone you don't know shit about. Granted I don't walk around with a shit-eating grin on my face all day, but overall i'm a happy person.

    You qualify as being angry as what I consider being passionate and upset about.

    A picture is worth a thousand words right? Would you want the following 2 mods in your GTA5?
    The first is made up of a dozen polygons, has absolutely no relevance to the game (arguable), and horrible textures.
    The second shows an animation which is only acceptable if you love contortionists. The creator has no idea about human anatomy and uploaded an animation where the arm bends at the elbow in an impossible position (unless incredibly double jointed). See for yourself. This is what upsets me, call it anger if you wish.

    alt text

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN
    No I would not install those 2 mods personally. But I don’t take time out of my day to be an ass to those creators. I’m assuming your half star rating (on the picture with the female ped) got removed just from what the other person said, which is understandable. I could be wrong here but it looks like you left a comment/negative review without actually trying the mod yourself. It’s on the same level as leaving a bad rating because “the mod don’t work”. I get you’re passionate about this but going around being an ass to people is not going to help anyone.

    What would I personally do if I seen these while browsing? Just move on and look for what I’m interested in.

    I like to make scripts myself. What do I do when I see some script uploaded that could take me 5 minutes to create? Just move on OR offer to help improve their script. Everyone has to start somewhere and it’s nice to see new people trying to bring stuff to the GTA V modding community.

  • Despite the fact that I'm new on this site, previously I was a moderator on libertycity.ru and reviewed many mods for GTA San Andreas. So, I think I have some experience to express my point of view on this topic.

    I totally understand John's concern about the current situation with GTA V modding. Especially, about the situation with many similar low-quality 3D models. However, I argue against using plain numbers for judgement like the number of downloads. First, these are only NUMBERS and do not represent the quality of mods, at least directly. High popularity doesn't always imply high quality. Second, these numbers are not stable and depend on website activity. More active users - more downloads, more upvotes, etc. Third, the demand on different mods is...different. What if a modmaker makes a high quality 3d model of some character, not so popular like SpiderMan or John Cena, so that users don't want to download it for now. Maybe, in the future (not exactly within 30-days period), but not now. Have you considered an option, when people on this site just have no ability to download every single mod, even if ALL mods are of good quality?

    I can suggest to send mods for deletion once they've got very bad rating (what rating exactly is up to the community to decide). Still, I'm against of doing it fully automatically, as there is a possibility of lowering rating using bots, or as a way to bully modmaker, or whatever.

    As for leaving mods to moderators/admins to decide whether ones are good or not, this is a great idea. But this site has already got this feature, hasn't it? Or, have you meant to judge mods more strictly than it is now? If so, maybe this is also a good idea. But being too strict can have a negative impact on community. Especially, on beginners. I think that it is extremely necessary for modders to receive a feedback on their mods as soon as they can make these mods of tolerable (not necessarily high) quality. Because people can't learn productively without feedback.

  • @IAmJFry but you do have the time to take out of your day to make your comments personal, for calling me an ass because it is more politically correct than calling me an asshole. If you disagree with me, don't call me an ass, although i have thick skin.

    So getting back to the issue at hand, without further insults.

    Do you believe the rating system should be removed since everyone deserves a five for effort and bad ratings will be removed by the admins anyway.

    The business model for this site is driven, as expected, by attracting downloaders and serving them ads, at least those who haven't discovered ad blockers. So bad ratings are bad for business and the admins will remove the majority, leaving a few bads one in for illusionary purposes.

    Repeat users who give bad ratings are quickly banned, scan the comments from negative reviews and you will see ban after ban.

    Next question, so rather than practice and use one's own judgment or that of friends or posting a forum link, it is best to upload crap because its part of the learning process?

    Finally, how would you feel if i took the vanilla white tshirt that is in player zero's wardrobe, added a texture with a picture of Justin Bieber, uploaded it, and then added 20 more similar variations?

  • @AlexSam
    Just going to skip to this post…

    I don’t disagree with John that some moderation should be done on the quality of mods that are uploaded and all of that IF it was done years ago. The game is fairly old now and in my opinion the only thing keeping it going is FiveM and LSPDFR.
    Either way, I agree. I just hate seeing people upload stuff in their free just to get shit on by someone who didn’t even try the mod. Normally that means that modder is no longer going to even try to upload here and this site dies more and more. There’s no constructive criticism here anymore. And when a bad rating gets reported, the rating just gets removed and the person leaving the bad rating just continues on to the next mod.

  • @AlexSam good points and thank you for not disparaging or insulting me when our opinions differered.

    What incredible irony that @IAmJFry chastises me for the rare occasions, extremely rare, where i have rated mods negatively but is quick to criticize me in a public forum, resorting to person insults.

    I fully agree with you that quantity does not equate with quality and that automatic deletions are not foolproof. Having said that I do wish the admins would exercise more judgment, either individually, or with their peers, or ideally with the community, to raise or establish a better standard of quality.

    Shit models will not drive visitors and new modders, quite on the contrary they will only dissuade new users.

    My advice to noobs, practice makes perfect. Upload to mediafire while in learning mode, post a link on the forums and request feedback.

    Any respectable gamer, checking out the current crap on these pages, oblivious to the fact that thousands of amazing mods are buried underneath this crap, would leave this site in a hurry and never come back.

    Thank god for the most downloaded filter, again it doesn't ensure quality but at least it uncovers the best.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Dude, get over yourself.. I said you were being an ass in the comment you left on that person’s mod page (laughed at a picture the author uploaded with it and left it a half star). Not that serious so please, just move on.

    This is going nowhere so I’m done here. I do hope things get better as I’ve been here for quite some time, compared to some, but I do know that GTA V mods won’t last forever.
    I hope that any new or newer modders don’t take rude comments/ratings so seriously and continue modding if it’s what they enjoy.

  • @IAmJFry bye


    @AlexSam @IAmJFry @JohnFromGWN Well, let's see if I can bring some light:

    • We don't remove lower than 4.5 stars ratings if they include constructive feedback (personal opinions don't count as constructive feedback). In your case today yes, your rating got removed (casually by me when dealing with the reported comments) because you were rating the mod without providing constructive feedback about it and you were rating it 0.5 stars which is meant to be used when a mod is partially/fully broken and it's not the case.
    • We don't remove comments which contain constructive feedback and a negative rating if they also DO NOT include any rude or pejorative message towards other users or the content creator itself. Anything that could bring an unnecessary drama in the comments section and/or is political related can also be removed at the moderators discretion (see the comments section rules for more info). Yes, sometimes happen that people provide constructive feedback but end the comment with unnecessary bullshit of any kind and we're forced to clean the comments section due to that.
    • We already do apply some restrictive "quality control" when approving/rejecting mod uploads. Could happen that some mod uploads which do not meet the quality standards for mod uploads got approved automatically by the site bot. If this happens and the upload gets reported by a site user or found by an staff member sooner or later will be reviewed by us. Still, we try to let people get initiated in modding if they do an effort with the first mod uploads so some exceptions might apply.

    In addition to the mods quality topic, is really hard to keep a balance of good looking/well made/non-effortless mods on the site when most of the content being uploaded is:

    • FiveM-only (scripts, maps, skins, country-specific vehicles, etc)
    • Menyoo/Map Editor/YMAP effortless maps (most of them FiveM-only and poorly "ported" to Singleplayer to try bypass the site rules).
    • Country-specific police skins/vehicles/buildings (country-specific skins were banned on the site for being a constant source of conflicts between content creators and a huge and unnecessary waste of time and effort for moderators)
    • Stolen content from other authors (vehicles, visual mods, TheSims4 skin/clothes mods, etc) being uploaded unchanged and/or edited but still without asking for explicit permission to them first...
    • Trash uploads made by bored people who upload random irl images with an "andalsndlncxvjnzdjsbfvs" description or spam advertisements, etc.

    Sometimes looking at the pending approval mods list is depressing but well, who else than the moderators would do it if not? :grin:

  • @Reyser said in Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality:

    In your case today yes, your rating got removed (casually by me when dealing with the reported comments) because you were rating the mod without providing constructive feedback

    Total bullshit. You removed the comment for personal reasons. You were just waiting for the opportunity. The criticism was that the animation was anatomically impossible. You constantly abuse your admin powers and the comments sections of the mods sections are littered with all the banned accounts who rated low.

    Fact is you don't like me and that's evident from our past interactions.

    Im done.

  • This post is deleted!


    @JohnFromGWN Wish I could confirm what you just said to make you happy but I wouldn't be honest so I'm not gonna do it. Here the reasons:

    • "Total bullshit. You removed the comment for personal reasons. You were just waiting for the opportunity."
      First, I don't even remember who are you. If we had any interactions in the past (could be, idk) there's not any staff note in your user profile from me so who cares. Second, I never moderate for personal reasons. If there's someone with which I prefer to don't interact I just leave a different moderator deal with it. This should be enough proof for you to understand that no, the rating wasn't removed for any "personal reasons" (which? lol) and I don't like to waste my time "waiting for the opportunity" to bother you? Hell I have much better things to do during my free time than caring about a random site user.
    • "You constantly abuse your admin powers" Oh yeah, of course! I do love my admin powers when I'm not an even an admin, don't have admin powers and instead of just removing your topic for saying nonsense against me I did reply to you explaining why none of your absurd accusations make sense (something I wouldn't even bother doing but heh, here I am trying to abuse my admin powers again :blush:) and how do we moderate following the site rules. HOW DARE I?!?!? :rolling_eyes:

    To finish:
    For me you're in the same category as any person I didn't meet in real life, an unknown one. This means I don't like/dislike you by default. I didn't even consider it. Don't feel so important, you're not (or maybe you do somewhere else but not for me and not here).

    I believe this topic is not going to be productive for anyone so I'll close it unless someone wants to contribute with something related to the main topic (mods quality, etc) and not @JohnFromGWN's personal opinion about me? (If not, will be closed in 2 days).


    @JohnFromGWN do admins have... Yes

    that's why you no longer see Israeli / Scottish etc police liveries eg since Jan 8th 2021

    just rejected some Tel Aviv bus retexture with this standard message:


    following the 5Mods Upload Guidelines all uploads are subject to certain quality standards and upon inspection your mod does not meet the required standards and thus was rejected

    starting December 2021 and onward, for localized retextures with a limited user base we encourage you to use a platform like gtainside.com

  • @ReNNie interesting that this is done before the fact, in other words anticipating it will be niche or appeal only to a few.

    The same logic could be in place to remove mods of bad quality based on criteria, both qualitatively and quantitatively, no?

    For example a panel of admins using their own judgment, in combination with objective criteria such as downloads, likes, and comments.

    Obviously you won't have the time to comb through the sludge, so the request forum could be used by the community to suggest the removal of specific mods with an explanation and hopefully guidelines as well.

    I think many mods uploaded today are very similar in nature to your guidelines. They have nothing to do with the GTA lore, nor are they realistic, and most importantly the quality is terrible. Modders can practice and upload to mediafire or the cloud in general before uploading here.

    Just to be clear, in my opinion quality trumps lore or realism. A superman with proper execution is fine although not my personal cup of tea. Same for any cartoon ped mod properly done which means rigging, textures, animations, etc without major glitches.

    In terms of personal opinions, and I certainly don't speak for Alexander Blade in the Ukraine, but I wonder how he feels about Russian military mods being uploaded. As a Canadian, without a dog in the current conflict other than the concerns shared by most of the free world, i find those peds offensive asF.

  • @JohnFromGWN Quick word re: personal opinion / offensive mods.

    Yeah dawg. Different things offend different people. Keep'n it one hunnit me im fine with all the Russian mods but certain other mods oh hell no!!

    Point is it's a slippery slope allowing admin to exercise personal opinion as a filter etc.

    Essentially turns into a dictatorship gang mentality thing including those aligned with the same beliefs / opinions.

    Seen it happen in another hobby forum. Recipe for disaster.

    Not saying thats what you were suggesting but just in case it may have been interpreted that way by some.

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