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Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality

  • @Banbanme maybe you're right about the toxicity of the community. I have been here since 2015, and there were so much stories, so I could write my own book.

    For example, one of modders had a suicide after some event I don't want to speak to. The other one tried to commit a suicide, but, fortunately, his dad saved his life. Also, there was a bullying, a real bullying in social networks of some guy. Just because he criticized a mod in one of his videos (he was a youtuber).

  • @Reyser said in Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality:

    @JohnFromGWN Wow. I thought you were just an user who disagreed with the way we moderate the site but now I can clearly see it's more than that, you're just a hater at this point and I'll explain this in your own topic to put you in evidence for lying so bad (not to me, to everyone who can see this topic and maybe trusted you).

    Note: I've made a copy of this last topic page where your fake pics post is visible among the previous replies just in case you wanted to remove the comment I'm replying to. Here it is: https://imgur.com/g9EEBpa

    Okay let's go:
    :digit_one: The "-BernieMadoff-" user doesn't exist in the 5Mods site. Can't be found either on the site search/google search. No results show and I could even ask the site admins to check if it ever existed in their database logs. Do you want me to do it? If I do and they tell me it doesn't exist you'll be banned permanently.
    :digit_two: In the screenshots posted, the last two include:

    - Mod upload title poorly edited to remove some text.
    - Same uploader, same downloads count, same file size, same publish date, same likes, same votes and same stars...

    :digit_three: If such uploads exist (100% sure don't), why didn't you post the links to them so we all can see them ourselves and not trust your supposed screenshots? I think we're smart enough to see the content ourselves, unless you find yourself smarter than us? :joy:

    Here the link to the real mod upload which @JohnFromGWN faked:

    I knew you were low, but not so low.

    @Banbanme @AlexSam Just a tip as I saw you both upvoted his fake screenshots post before this reply of mine. Always wait for the other part to reply back. Is better to have both sides of the matter before trusting/judging someone.

    @JohnFromGWN The next time you make me lose time and lie to the 5Mods users (including me) you'll be banned permanently. I'm not here to waste my free time with bullshit like that.


    @AlexSam If that was the case, he should've mentioned that the pictures posted are not real mod uploads but examples of what he's trying to say. Or even more, just use some real examples if there's any which needs to be reviewed instead.

    There's absolutely no need and is counterproductive to put fake pictures and use sarcasm (supposedly) when you're complaining about a real thing (again, supposedly). No one doing that will get a nice reply because you're not being constructive. Also, saying "Rules and regulations are one thing, but lying and deceiving the community is another matter. Don't bother responding, I can read the terms of service all by myself." does not help.

  • Sarcasm is banned?

    Here is my original post


    So Freedom of Speech is not allowed on these forums, sarcasm is to be banned as well, humor is strictly forbidden.

    And I'm the hater.

    And Google Bernie Madoff, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Madoff

    P.S. That the photos are a spoof, that the poster Bernie Madoff is a legend, the most famous financial criminal in the world, that the mods had fake download counts, those were not tipoffs that this was a joke?

    The second time I made this joke on the forums. Well joke is the wrong word, sarcasm is right and I guess it is part of North American and UK culture.

    As I wrote before you abuse your power and look for any reason to ban. I bet your nickname isn't really your name.

  • @Reyser P.S. you were part of that original thread and yet you conveniently forgot? Amazing how well you document and prepare for bans, but you forgot you had posted in the original thread??

    @ReNNie actually took action after that thread and had fake screenshots and mods removed.

    Hater? I help people here, you ban them.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN ok, I understand =) And I also agree with @Reyser on the fact that it would be better to provide links to the mods that have some pictures not related to GTA V. Thus, we can have more productive discussion, trust me:)

  • @AlexSam

    Here you go. But I've reported this kind of duplicity many times, and only once were the mods removed.


    The author argues that the photoshopped MP females are just fashion models. Ok, that's valid.

    But what he doesn't understand is that a 10 year old on this site, and we know many are clueless from posts here, will download thinking what he/she sees in the picture is exactly what he gets.

    Here is another one, which admins said was fine, although it shows ingame screenshots from Dead Rising with cool animations. The characters in the video and the animations are NOT what will be downloaded, so why not give a true representation.


    Remember that most of the modders who have fake pics do it to attract downloads and have businesses (Patreon sites or mods for sale).


    @AlexSam said in Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality:

    Though, I agree with you that John's sarcastic comment was not the best option for productive discussion. Indeed, it would be better if he demonstrated some concrete examples.

    While we, at 'the team', can appreciate sarcasm, when people complain here, best to bring real cases to the floor; else, as @Reyser said, we're just wasting our time.

    Also, while we strife to reach for consistency in our modding, we generally do not play the 'but in other mods' game. There may be exigent circumstances why something is allowed in one person's mod, but not the other (like mods with child-peds in them, for instance: as a rule, we disallow those, but sometimes make an exception for well-known, establish child game characters). Overall, we just adhere to the 'What happens in other mods, stays in other mods' rule. :) Naturally, when people see a mod they think should not have been Approved, they should, as usual, always feel free to report it.

  • @meimeiriver This all blown completely out of proportion, and I think there are cultural issues here. As I posted before, sarcasm is common and accepted in my country and in North America, the British Commonwealth, and the UK.

    I was not making formal complaints. I stopped that a long time ago because i"m always wrong it seems.

    The purpose of this thread was for discussion, to exchange views, to agree, to disagree.

    @Reyser will never apologize obviously, he would prefer to ban me, for what was an obvious fake and had already been posted.

    This was not a fake complaint meant to mislead. It was pure sarcasm and in my opinion also amusing.

    Bernie Madoff not a user? That's like saying Santa Claus or Peter Pan or Donald Trump aren't real users.

    Honestly, would I have used Bernie Madoff and totally fake screenshots in an attempt to cheat and lie?

    Sadly only @AlexSam noticed this was a spoof.


    :one: Sarcasm is not banned. Still, using sarcasm with fake pics to complain about an supposedly real issue of which you're not providing links of real mod uploads as reference/comparison for us to understand is not a good idea at all. I would never use sarcasm with a tech support, for example. Is obviously counterproductive.
    :two: Yes, that's why I obviously said the screenshots were clear fake. What didn't you understand about that? Don't reply, is a rhetorical question and I don't want to discus something so trivial.
    :three: I don't abuse my power and I don't look for any reason to ban (as if I had nothing better to do :rolling_eyes:). If that was the case I'd have been out of the moderator position already not just on 5Mods but in 4 different discord servers aswell. I recommend you to stop saying lies about me, otherwise the ban for sure will happen. I'm getting tired of your "abuse of power" shit.
    :four: Yes, a 5 months old thread which I didn't even remember existed. I usually forgot what do I eat in the same day so why would I remember such an old thread? This is stupid and again you're still making assumptions out of nowhere.

    Yes, you seem to hate me and yes, I ban people but just those who deserve it. I don't even know why don't I ban you yet. I'm wasting too much time here for NOTHING but getting accused by a random of "abusing my power".

  • @JohnFromGWN dude i get it ok. I know what you're feeling rn and i know you want this community to keep getting better and better and i know you want modders to upload quality mods not just half-baked mods that's ruined modding community but unfortunately it is what it is. I don't want to keep reminding y'all about ''IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT,DON'T DOWNLOAD IT'' i know this counter point is repetitive af at this point but it is true.I always give a mod 5 stars rating even if it was the shittiest mod in the world cuz i was a sucker and i always appreciate one's work and effort no matter how shitting the mod is.Hey i'm just a guy who don't know anything about modding so don't take my comment seriously lol.

  • @Reyser Read my post above.
    I'm not complaining. The formal complaints are by reporting a post or a mod, I"ve done that in the past.

    I'm using extreme examples because they are more amusing then the real ones and less likely to be seriously commented on - which was not the case.

    Ban me? You should poll the community who they would rather see disappear, me or you.

    P.S. Why would I hate you? You make me smile and laugh. I laughed so hard reading this.

  • @Banbanme I understand, but it does hurt the community. New users checking out the mods section, without filtering, will not see anything worth downloading and will leave. Some of these users might have become quality modders.

    As for the forum section, how many people help others here? Look at the number of unanswered posts here, look at how few people help in general.


    @JohnFromGWN said in Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality:


    Wait, wut don't drag me into this cesspool, I'm pretending to be an innocent bystander 😇

  • @Reyser Well of course just uploading 1 or 2 as a reference can be ok. I can think of maybe the author was just wanted to show how similar his mod looks compared to the original content. But when they invest so much time in it to make those screenshots look either very similar to gta 5 or zoomed too much to not being able to distinguish the environmental difference, it's falling into false advertisement.

    I'm not politician neither professional but sometimes details and intentions matter :slight_smile:

    Same like @JohnFromGWN 's intention :slight_smile: I know now you are thinking I'm here to purely and solely defend him but I'm just trying to explain the thingies :slight_smile:

    I can agree that the screenshots exaggrated but it also makes them to be realized they are not real. Of course everyone can have their opinions and perspectives but if I may to express mine, I would prefer an overly exaggrated fake screenshot for sarcastic purposes (also I should point out I believe his sarcasm was not directed to your personality, it's just a general sarcasm covering some mods) rather than a fake screenshot purposely edited to make it look real.

    So you don't really need to ask the site admins to check are those mods real :rofl: :rofl: Oh but you might Google out the Bernie Madoff :sweat_smile: Looks like his story is quite interesting and can fit to some authors lol

    That powerpuff girls thingy. That one is clearly edited, you can't have such smile or silk smooth face like that. The mod itself might not be MP Female, but the characters in the photo are being the subject of the photo. So in my opinion, the main subject of the screenshots shouldn't be edited. Put a car behind it, that wouldn't matter much, put real life background to some extend, wouldn't matter much either since they all stay in the background. and I believe this is the thing he is trying to express and intent :slight_smile:

    Very sorry for writing too long though. I know I gotta work on that but I always sucked at it, probably why the teachers were always being angry at me when they ask to summarize a part of content in the exams :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl:

  • @ReNNie or at @meimeiriver Would you be kind enough to close this thread?

    It's a shame that what started as an honest query, turned into an argument between myself and another individual, and then others had to join the party and drive it further into the ground. N.B. to avoid any confusion, which invariably happens, the other individual was not a mod, not an admin. Ok?

    This thread wasn't meant to be toxic, I sincerely hoped for a productive exchange, but it sure as hell became that as you aptly termed "a cesspool" quickly, and yes I'll take the high road and I'll take full responsibility for this disaster.

    Do I regret the original post? Absolutely not, I only regret the discord (no pun intended) it fueled.


    okidok, threads are free so onto the next

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