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Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality

  • @gtavjamal I understand.

    It's my opinion that they are offensive, not necessarily that they should be taken down. I also find offensive peds that appear to be children although claimed otherwise. But I was just referencing @ReNNie 's point that Israeli and Scottish liveries were removed while trying to comprehend the Russian, Turkish, Middle Eastern ped mods etc available for download.

    With regards to your dictatorship comment, I also agree we need freedom of speech but within limits.

    But getting back on point, this thread was meant to be about quality. I knew full well that nothing would come of this post because we live in a politically correct society, one of entitlement, one where only effort and participation matter. But I'm still allowed to express my contrarian views, although I'm not allowed to rate negatively, well actually because I don't have the social or intellectual skills required to provide constructive criticism.

    It is allowed, however, to attack members and call them "asses" which native English speakers will recognize as being a palatable way of saying asshole.

    One thing we all agree on, here on this site, is we all love this game. You will never see another game like GTA5 again because of cultural changes. Lamar calling Franklin the N word? Never again. Women portrayed as hookers or sluts? Never again.

    BIPOC or Latino gangs? Maybe, since stereotypes die slowly. Same for violence, it will still be acceptable, thanks to the NRA, to gun down pedestrians in games.

  • @JohnFromGWN Well said dawg well said.

    Btw. forgot to say no disrespect intended towards your personal beliefs. I was just using that as an example.

    Absolutely! Quality is paramount. Any admin mod filtering should be objective and based on measurable set criteria.

    That being said in order to not discourage new authors with potential perhaps a separate category that wont clutter the established quality mods. That way they are still attending the party but not making a mess lol. Not to be confused with participation being equal to achievement pc bs! Standards are set for a reason - pass / fail.

    Yeah I say freedom of speech all the way, no limits other than the time and place. For example racist talk doesn't affect my internal state. Takes a lot for me to be offended. I would, be fine with Nazi and KKK mods and whatever else is generally offensive. Makes for added realism. The same mod can be used by different people in various ways..

    PS. In addition to all the dope help and great advice you give you do well to voice your opinion. Always best to know where someone stands. Feedback good or bad from people like yourself carries a lot more weight because its legit. Yes men cant be trusted.

  • @gtavjamal said in Admin Approval of Mod Uploads based on Quality:

    perhaps a separate category that wont clutter the established quality mods.

    That would be the best option. A category called Beginners or whatever, however you've been here long enough to know that it will not happen here given the investment in changes here is zero. Explains lack of search function and also the log in to someone else's account glitch.

    So what I'm suggesting instead, is that the new modder, eager to upload his new ped/script/xml map:

    1. Uploads his/her creation to the cloud. Wetransfer, Mediafire, Google Drive, whatever.
    2. Posts in the Releases & Works in Progress that they would like feedback.
    3. At the creators discretion, based on feedback received, they then can decide if they want to upload or not.

    This is an objective process and leaves the final decision to the creator/modder.

    Given duplicate accounts are not permitted here (easy to bypass ofc with a VPN), it will minimize, although not eliminate, modders faking feedback. This is not the current case where the creator can download his/her own mod hundreds of times to artificially increase their download count.

  • @JohnFromGWN if Russian mods (or mods from another countries) were not intentionally uploaded to offend someone, so these mods definitely shouldn't be banned. Hell, I would be OK even with KKK peds, because you can download them and kill them in a game, LMAO.

  • @AlexSam

    Or is it @Niziul in this account by glitch? :)

    I never meant or wrote Russian mods - I think Alexander Blade is Russian and so is the OpenIV team.

    What I wrote were Russian military mods - not because they are evil, but because of the timing. It sort of sent a message, again because of the timing, that invading the Ukraine was the right thing to do. Let's leave it at that.

    As for Nazis, KKK, rednecks with the Confederate Flag - none of these bother me - unless they have quality issues of course.

    Young female peds, nude or otherwise, that widely appeal to pedophiles definitely bother me and unfortunately there are quite a few out there although nobody will call them out. I did once and was basically told to FO.

  • @JohnFromGWN nah, I'm AlexSam=)

    I 100% agree with you about this nudity content. Also, I consider offensive uploading children models to this site.

    By the way, Ukrainian forces use many Soviet weapons and military vehicles, which Russia also has.

  • @Global-Moderators @administrators

    I would like to suggest marking nudity or very cruel content 18+ and don't show the preview. I know that this game has already 18+ rating, but not all persons, who visit this site are adult. For example, my younger brother, who is learning programming by making simple mods with me (don't worry, he doesn't upload ones for now). More importantly, this site is still separate from the game and Rockstar Games. So, at least, use a pop up window for the first visitors to indicate that this site is 18+.

  • Okat

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah that idea would work for sure.

    Btw. I half assumed some or all of the moderators had admin site privileges. I'm guessing that's not the case.

  • @gtavjamal Don’t know, but admin should not be confused with abuse.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol yeah dawg balance point definition can vary considerably from person to person as can ones version of admin vs abuse. Usually boils down to a power game of what someone can do and get away with.

  • @JohnFromGWN I gotta love how everyone's first excuse to justify a broken or logically wrong mod is "The mod is free.". Talking like if it's not paid then it is totally ok for it to be not good...

    I appreciate it personally some people are bringing mods for free but seriously .. Please stop going defensive on everyone with "free" who criticizes your mod.

    and just a word of advice to those, don't get offended by every bad words either. Sometimes you gotta just smile and move on :slight_smile:

  • @Aurora11 It's all about quality, free or not. Right?

    alt text

    The older mods - all pics attributed to @alex189

    For better quality pic, click here.

  • @JohnFromGWN That evolution photo I truly loved :sweat_smile: In the other way though, it is very disappointing and sad to know this is the exact reality too :(

  • @Aurora11 The contrast is striking. The absolutely beautiful conversions of @alex189 versus the low poly, unrealistic, lore unfriendly garbage uploaded today.

    People forget that GTA5 is not a Nintendo game. The open world and the peds are pretty damn realistic and vehicles are pretty near photorealistic.

    I don't have any issues with cartoon mods, if properly executed, or Marvel/DC superheroes, but when a mod is total crap and is not realistic nor lore friendly nor texture, rigged, animated, or of any relevance....WTF bother uploading it?

  • @JohnFromGWN Precisely! Even if the original peds have better quality, why would anyone wish to use a modded ped with such a low quality even compared to vanilla peds...

    Aahhh good old @alex189 , once upon a time bringing the absolutely amazing peds for free, now we are stuck with peds that look worse than Martian rock hoppers. Most of them paid too, meh ..

  • @Aurora11 the funniest part, or actually the saddest part, is when the author puts in the description something like "If you use my mod in a Pixar or Hollywood Movie, please ensure to give me full credit for my mastershit. Please support me on Patreon where i have even worse shit for you".

    Another misleading practice, which has been going on forever, are the fake screenshots used for the MP female to make her look beautiful when in reality she is uglier than Frankenstein's bride.

    And the latest trend is fake videos. Like the one which, while it clearly says Dead Rising, can mislead someone new into thinking they will be downloading the beautiful ingame cutscene models from Dead Rising rather than the actual converted models available for GTA5 download that aren't even close to the originals in terms of quality. Not to mention the animations which aren't included and overall the fact that why feature a game that has nothing to do with Los Santos.

    Imagine if @alex189 had used, to promote his models, in game cutscenes from TombRaider, Resident Evil, Rogue Company, Final Fantasy, etc. Obviously he had enough respect for the community not to pull that kind of bullshit. His models were his own, converted of course, but not real footage from Eidos and Company, and his screenshots were from, get ready for this, GTA5!

    Imagine that. Using real mods in the game, the one which is featured in this site's name.

    Of course if i made a negative comment in the mods section or gave a low rating for the deceptive practice my rating and comments would be immediately removed, because constructive criticism means praising for effort and ignoring duplicity.

  • @JohnFromGWN 100% agree with you on that! The mod screenshots started to look worse than Ubishit's E3 trailers... At least Ubishit showing the video from the game itself, just from a very high detailed version of it. But showing the screenshots and videos of other games and cutting them, editing them purposely to remove any indications of the screenshots are taken from a different game ..

    Mods like these truly deserve a half star rating. It's been said half star is only for the mods that are fully or partially broken. Well the misleading screenshots proves the mod is broken anyway. If the mod was working as intended, why would anyone resort to use fake screenshots at the first place??

    In site rules, even talking about online modding, which is a part of the game is not allowed. Let's say this is purely for legal reasons. What about fivem? Making mods works in fivem but not in SP is not allowed either. FiveM IS also a part of the game too. Don't get me wrong I'm not objecting to these, I just can't figure out why faking screenshots and videos from other games are totally ok?

    And about the criticism. How can it to be expected to make constructive criticism for something the author can't even have any control? Why doesn't have control? Because the mods that have been uploaded made for another game, how can a GTA 5 mod run in a different game? I mean in which part of this anyone can have any contribution?

    It should have been in the site rules to use the screenshots from the game itself. If someone was to upload a Fallout 4 showcase screenshot at Skyrim category in Nexus, he would get immediately warned and the screenshots would be deleted. The follow up actions would result in a definitive ban. Yes this site ain't Nexus, but the rules are not different. So uploading even only a showcase screenshot to a wrong game category is not allowed, why it is allowed to upload the mod screenshots from another game is allowed? It just doesn't make sense ..

    and some are even using FaceApp to create baby face with gorgeous hair on MP Females when in reality the character is actually just using a vanilla hair with no makeup at all !!

    Maybe, just maybe I wouldn't mind an edited background if it is from GTA 5 indeed. but the subject shouldn't be edited at all. People needs to know what they are downloading, not to be fooled with fakes...

  • @Aurora11 if these trends continue unpunished im going to teach myself how to create stick figure mods in xyzmodeler and upload a new one each day until the site shuts down.

    Speaking of animations, when i think of the girl in the red dress with one arm twice the length of the other, or the other animation with the elbow cranked backwards at an angle that makes you cringe, i think of the vanilla animation where you can blow your brains out.

  • Ill be uploading this ped mod soon, and i demand and expect 5 or 6 star ratings and likes and dozens of downloads. Yep, i said 6 stars, so tell the devs to start codin.

    Ill report any criticism because it's trying that counts. And don't anyone dare criticize the facial animation, because he is faceless. No rude comments about texture mapping cuz he's got no polys, and no talking shit about the riggin cuz he ain't got no bonz, no skelton.

    alt text



    "It should have been in the site rules to use the screenshots from the game itself....why it is allowed to upload the mod screenshots from another game is allowed?"


    "Your uploads main image must be an in-game screenshot (mandatory) or otherwise representative image (if in-game screenshots are not possible because of the mod nature) of your upload."

    From the rules topic. Sometimes is better to don't make assumptions, specially when the rules you're pointing to are very clear about the matter you're talking about. Screenshots from other games (for ports/conversion mods mainly) are not OK unless they're not the main and majority of the preview pics. 1, 2 or even 3 extra pics from other games/irl for comparison purposes are ok but complying with what I've said before and with the site rules.

  • @Reyser Ok, and by the same logic it's ok to post an MP Female mod and put pictures that are NOT of the MP Female.

    As I once posted, would it be ok to post a Honda Civic Mod with pictures of 1 Honda Civic and the balance would be Ferrari 812 superfasts? Even though once downloaded and installed, the user realizes it's not a Ferrari? Why fake the pictures in the first place? Reason is simple - get the download at any cost.

    Here is a recent upload where author admits pics are "edited". Why lie and mislead new users. New users think that this is what the MP female will look like when they install the mod. Not even close. This is misleading as hell and dishonest.

    Rules and regulations are one thing, but lying and deceiving the community is another matter. Don't bother responding, I can read the terms of service all by myself.

    edit: Ok I lied, not a Superfast, it's a LaFerrari hybrid supercar.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text


    @JohnFromGWN Wow. I thought you were just an user who disagreed with the way we moderate the site but now I can clearly see it's more than that, you're just a hater at this point and I'll explain this in your own topic to put you in evidence for lying so bad (not to me, to everyone who can see this topic and maybe trusted you).

    Note: I've made a copy of this last topic page where your fake pics post is visible among the previous replies just in case you wanted to remove the comment I'm replying to. Here it is: https://imgur.com/g9EEBpa

    Okay let's go:
    :digit_one: The "-BernieMadoff-" user doesn't exist in the 5Mods site. Can't be found either on the site search/google search. No results show and I could even ask the site admins to check if it ever existed in their database logs. Do you want me to do it? If I do and they tell me it doesn't exist you'll be banned permanently.
    :digit_two: In the screenshots posted, the last two include:

    - Mod upload title poorly edited to remove some text.
    - Same uploader, same downloads count, same file size, same publish date, same likes, same votes and same stars...

    :digit_three: If such uploads exist (100% sure don't), why didn't you post the links to them so we all can see them ourselves and not trust your supposed screenshots? I think we're smart enough to see the content ourselves, unless you find yourself smarter than us? :joy:

    Here the link to the real mod upload which @JohnFromGWN faked:

    I knew you were low, but not so low.

    @Banbanme @AlexSam Just a tip as I saw you both upvoted his fake screenshots post before this reply of mine. Always wait for the other part to reply back. Is better to have both sides of the matter before trusting/judging someone.

    @JohnFromGWN The next time you make me lose time and lie to the 5Mods users (including me) you'll be banned permanently. I'm not here to waste my free time with bullshit like that.

  • @Reyser on the second picture of @JohnFromGWN I clearly saw white rectangle, which overlaps the description of the file. It is very clear that these screenshots are fake. However, I upvoted his comment because it was a good hyperbolization of what some modmakers do. I'm sure that John did not want to do anything bad, you just did not understand his sarcasm.

    Though, I agree with you that John's sarcastic comment was not the best option for productive discussion. Indeed, it would be better if he demonstrated some concrete examples.

  • @Reyser sorry man i accidentally upvoted him in fact i don't agree with most of his points .

    I swear to god gta v have the worst modding community and the most toxic mod users base ever but i don't want to inject my subjective opinions here cuz it's gonna be a waste of time lol.

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