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Experemental car tuning

  • As we know, in order to increase the maximum transport speed, you only need to work on the processing file after which the maximum speed is reduced, while other characteristics remain better. I got the idea to look into the carcols file and experiment with the values โ€‹โ€‹of engines, and gears, etc. After experiments, it turned out that in this way it is possible to reduce the speed of the car, improve the transmission characteristics, in reality, we do not immediately climb into the brains of the car in order to reduce the speed, since it does not increase on the shore for this, only after improvements in components can we add power and speed. So here, the engine with each upgrade, the gearbox could add speed, car power, and additional aerodynamics in control, without adding car power, since there are cars for this.alt text

    <modifier value="500"/>
    <audioApply value="1.00000000"/>
    <weight value="20"/>

    <modifier value="500"/> - By setting your value here, you can increase the speed and power of the engine, it is better to do it in stages. Same with the gearbox.

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