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Game error. please reboot and restart the game.

  • Hey guys,

    Im experiencing a bizarre scenario on version 1.0.2628.2.
    I am starting to get the following error:
    "Game error. please reboot and restart the game."

    Ive done mostly every suggested fix there is on the internet:

    1. uninstalled the game
    2. replaced the game config
    3. added heap adjuster
    4. pack file limit adjuster

    ive even deleted the mods file.
    but after ive done some trial and error, i found that when i delete my scripts, i can play... anyone knows why?
    and how can i keep playing with my scripts?

    ive been playing modded gta for few years now and ive never had that issue.

  • @Joseph78 reinstalling the game is generally not the cause and all you need to test that hypothesis is to temporarily disable your mods and see if your game loads and plays.

    You could have found that suggestion right here on these forums without going to YouTube garbage.

    As for your issue, you've identified it yourself. The solution now is pretty much obvious. Without knowing which of the thousands of available scripts you have installed, we could play a guessing game. Is it your simple zombies? Get my point?

    Start by disabling all your scripts and install just one, your favourite. Then load and test. If it crashes, post here.

    Or, if you've been playing successfully for years, ask yourself these questions.

    1. Did my game crash after the last update?
    2. Did my game start to crash after i installed new scripts or mods?

    If it runs, add your second favourite, rinse and repeat.

  • @JohnFromGWN also this might be helpful

    Importance of log files

  • @JohnFromGWN The thing is that ive done it couple of times: deleting all the script + adding them back one by one.
    at some point, a random script causes the error mentioned, as a reaction- im deleting the last script added, but the error persist.
    worth mentioning is that the error stops appearing only after deleting all the folders in the "scripts" folder.

  • @Joseph78 If the error indeed stops when all your scripts are deleted (you don't need to delete, just move or rename) then at least you know scripts are your problem.

    Unfortunately you now need to test which script, or combinations of scripts, cause issues.

    Scripts that are related (driving, zombies, missions) might be be conflicting, I would check those first.

    Or alternatively, start with your favourite script and add them back one by one in order of usage and preference.

    Will take time but you'll eventually solve the problem.

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