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Messed instructions for beginner

  • Hello,

    i will begin to mod the game (Traffic Plus+), i have all my mod files ready, i know to use OpenIV, i learned today how to use "OpenIV_Package_Creator" too (for wich ROOT is "mods" folder (oh yeahhh))... handy if i need to remove a conflicting file from an *.oiv (gameconfig.xml or dlclist.xml, you know...).

    There is one thing i did that i'm not sure i should, i edited the visualsettings.dat file (to remove MBlur totally, i used instructions from two mods, one for MBlur, the other for FPS MBlur... allright) in "\update\update.rpf" from ROOT game folder, instead the one i should have copied in "\mods" folder first. Also, is it better to use OpenIV edit option (for text) because i extracted then edited in notepad then replaced file afterwards (it had the encryted arg removed).
    I also replaced the rockstar_logos.bik video file (following PCGWiki instructions, but replaced by an fake file instead only delete it only). Do i do it in ROOT ? Or in "mods" folder file (the LOGO) ?

    Do the ROOT "\update\update.rpf" file should not be edited in any way, or logo and visualsettings like i did do the trick, then after editing the main update.rpf i copy it to "mods"and start install mods or... DO NEVER edit the ROOT file and copy it before doing anything at all ?

    I'm highly confused by instructions, that tell the directory starting by "\update" OR "\mods\update" but it's in fact always "\mods...", that's it ?

    I have few *.oiv, i will be sure to ever verify if it replaces the two or three important files (dlclist...).

    Here is the mods i'll install, i have two or three not final decision :

    • list item

    Custom Torque Map ?.. with TPLus+ ?

    No chromaber No lensdist
    Map Fixes
    Heap Adjuster
    Packfile Limit Adjuster
    Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles
    Siren Setting Limit Adjuster
    Abilities Fixed
    Accuracy Fix
    Car Jacking
    Emergency Sirens Fixes & Improvements
    Finite Cops
    Firefighter Headwear Fix
    Fix NPCs Killable by Player Only
    Handle speed fix
    Improved Los Santos County Sheriff Deputies
    Improved LSPD Male Cops
    No Explosion On Crash
    No Tracers
    NPC Style Cover Animations
    PEV DT SWAT Fix for Interiors
    Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration
    Scenario Groups
    Simple FIB Agent Enhancement
    True Vanilla Female LSPD Cops
    Underwater Pickups
    Vanilla Vehicles Emissives Fix
    Watch Dogs Vehicle Looting
    No Glowing Pickups
    Realistic Police Response Time
    Weapon Limits Adjuster
    Menyoo // TrainerV // Enhanced Native Trainer - all these 3 ???
    Menyoo Cars Preview
    No Radio Weapon Wheel Slowdown

    Forests of San Andreas
    PRV revive // QuantV - the two ??


  • @Klemc Welcome to the forums and I see you've done your homework, new but already more knowledgeable than many veterans.

    I would suggest not to use root when describing the mods folder, while not incorrect, most people here use root to mean the game folder where GTA5..exe can be found. I personally call it root or installation folder, or even game folder.

    With regards to the mod folder, generally speaking any modifications should be done to this folder to avoid changes to the original or what we call vanilla game files, although these can be restored by backups (which few ppl do) or a verify integrity.

    The mod folder is used by OpenIV, particularly for addons. The exceptions to "everything goes into mods" are asi files, which are dlls loaded by a file called dinput8.dll, other custom dlls such as ScriptHookV.dll, and of course we have the scripts folder.

    In addition to that, certain mods will add their own folders, like Menyoostuff.

    You don't need to install the native trainer packaged with SH5. You don't need 3 trainers because of the potential conflicts although they generally play nice. I just keep Menyoo, but have Simple Trainer (Trainer V) installed but disabled until needed.

    So, use Mods folder only. Old mods and even recent mods may give the path as the game folder, just change it yourself for the installation.

    As for exceptions, they would likely be replacing game files in the installation folder. I don't use any, so can't provide an example.

    In passing, bik files to change Rockstar videos for example, can also be placed in mods. In summary the Mods folder is much more than a place for dlc and dlcpacks.

    As for OIV, glad you're aware of dangers, but no tools required to edit, only unzipping/extracting.

    Word of caution, proceed slowly and systematically until your game is stable, rather than installing many mods at once. The gameconfig.xml, heap, and pack are critical.

    If interested, additional info here:

  • @Klemc said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    I'm highly confused by instructions, that tell the directory starting by "\update" OR "\mods\update" but it's in fact always "\mods...", that's it ?>

    yes, always install in the mods when you see mods\update or \update to keep your game files intact.

    The open iv (pronounced 4) will load and give priority to anything in the mods folder before the game folder. Similarly, Rockstar updates are generally patches rather than replaces.

    For example, the original dlclist.xml was in common.rpf, but now with Update. A modded game can therefore have 4 or more dlclist.xml files, but only the one in update.rpf will have priority.

    New to Modding Checklist

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    As for OIV, glad you're aware of dangers, but no tools required to edit, only unzipping/extracting.

    ... not to use root when describing the mods folder

    Yes, that's only OpenIV_Package_Creator that does that, i just used it to make an OIV of MapFixes manual install steps, it's been even worst (Win 3.11 like).
    My ROOT is D:\Jeux PC\Grand Theft Auto\GTA5\

    any modifications should be done to this folder to avoid changes to the original
    can be restored by backups (which few ppl do)

    That's wel it, i don't need to edit the vanilla files, never, i have to copy all files needed by mods to the "mods" folder, allright.
    I do/have backups, always.

    ... keep Menyoo, but have Simple Trainer (Trainer V)

    I'll follow that advice, disable Trainer V and only if needed i activate it.
    I already have the cars preview files in Menyoostuff.

    As for exceptions, they would likely be replacing game files in the installation folder.

    I'm aware now (mods belong to "mods" folder), i don't have any mod with exception too.

    As for OIV, glad you're aware of dangers, but no tools required to edit, only unzipping/extracting.

    Yes, i recently read about the XML file listing directories, OKay.
    Thanks, i'm sure of what i do now.

  • @Klemc Bienvenue et dis-nous si tu as besoin d'aide.

  • Cool, tu parles Français,

    à vrai dire, dans ma liste de mods il reste une question, à propos de "Custom Torque Map pour sa compatibilité avec TraficPLus+ (public depuis hier) - je l'ai trouvé sur la liste QOL de PCGWiki.

    Je viens d'apprendre que je peux installer WOV (world of variety) si fait avant TPlus+, alors je vais en profiter.


    Cool, you speak French,

    actually, in my mod list there is still a question, about "Custom Torque Map for its compatibility with TraficPLus+ (public since yesterday) - I found it on the PCGWiki QOL list.

    I just learned that I can install WOV (world of variety) if done before TPlus+, so I will take advantage of it.
    Here it is.

  • @Klemc i can't help you with any script mods because i don't use any except my own, in order to learn and be self sufficient. Also as a very serious photographer, i have zero respect nor use for visual mods, instead i rely on a good graphics card and 2K monitor of excellent quality. Ive never seen any ENB or visual mod that didn't look phony and artificial.

    Anyone who has done any photoediting quickly realizes you can't create detail when the information isn't there. All these mods do is sharpen, or boost saturation and contrast levels.

    Sure you can replace textures and take a performance hit, but i prefer the game graphics as they were intended to be, not some artificial garbage as a substitute for quality hardware.

  • I think so, the game works great and is beatiful, i can skip the last listed mod (PRV revive // QuantV) but the "Forests of SA" mod looks good, it adds vegetation, it's not a texture "replacer".

    ... a good graphics card and 2K monitor of excellent quality

    Yes, but i can't find a monitor of the like, it's always above 120/144hz (240...360) and 4K, mine is VA and i prefer that. My good 32GN600-B, because i didn't find 27", i don't want IPS.

    I wait for OLED in 2K@120hz

  • @Klemc Mods like Forests and RCA are excellent and add realism. I would never group them with ENBS or NVE.

    I have RCA and Forests of Chiliad installed. Expect FPS drop with Forests however, when driving through.

  • @Klemc I personally don't use it/don't need it, but it looks fine, but it might load more slowly than the original game version. Install it to your Mods folder ofc.

    Best to backup files that will be replaced from Mods folder in case they were already customized for example. This will allow for a quick restore rather than a reinstall of a previous mod or doing a verify integrity, install the mod, and test.

    If not what you expected, or it doesn't work, or you have a performance hit, you restore the original.

  • Yes i do regular some backups and look at files repaced in OIV (easy o edit BTW)... i think(ed) the 16kx24k mod was a bit too much ;)
    And yes, HQ maps mods always load slower.

    ... i had an idea, because i use the "mods" folder to install mods, that implies to have DUP files (names of the files, and size too), and the "mods" folder having the same directoy tree as ROOT, when i'm finished with installing mods, i can compare this two directory trees (Game ROOT Vs. "mods" folder) and for files that collide i can put those out of ROOT in a backupfolder, then move the modded files in ROOT in replacement (without forgetting the files only in "mods" folder), now OpenIV asi is not even needed to launch the game ! Sounds good ? BTW, i have a full backup of the original files (it's been simple as copy/paste the GTA5 entire folder on an ext HDD !!).

    EDIT: ohh, OpenIV asks always to install in "vanilla" or "mods" folder, i now changed option to prohibit edit vanilla files, i'll see what happens with next OIV, if it's asked again, or not !

  • @Klemc Nothing wrong with your approach, most people duplicate files from game to mods.

    I don't duplicate. On the contrary, i just add game files to mods when I need them although I have plenty of disk space.

    For that reason, the x.rpf files are all only in my game folder unless they need to be customized.

    I ignore messages from OpenIV. I have it load in edit mode and my dlcpacks are not in my Mods folder, I keep them instead in a DLC folder, as a subfolder of the game. This allows me to share my addons (all my peds and vehicles) with multiple Mods folders - I have 50 or so race tracks and huge maps, so I need separate Mods folders, if not they would crash the game or at the very least be installed one top of each other.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    I don't duplicate. On the contrary, i just add game files to mods when I need them although I have plenty of disk space.

    Yes, me too i copy only the files from vanilla to mods... when a mod needs it there, i have not all the vanilla files copied in advance.

    My pproach is, when i totally finished to mod the game to my taste (mods listed in first post), i want all content under "mods" directory moved to ROOT instead, all this files are DUP modded and take huge place, WinMerge can compare files and report a list, then i want to move out those DUP from ROOT folder in another (e.g:: GTA5_vanillareplaced-bak) and after, all files from "mods...." in ROOT for replacement, that will work ?

  • @Klemc i don't have that answer. It definitely works when you are allowed to specify the path.

    For example, dlclist.xml will load an addon from the root or any subfolder.

    The issue is when you can't specify the path. I encountered this issue when manually creating OIV installers for personal use, to automate personal updates. Problem is that OpenIV doesn't, AFAIK, allow us to change the location of the Mods folder. They should allow for the user to specify the path but they haven't or at least it isn't obvious.

    To be fair, i haven't investigated this.

  • @Klemc Actually symbolic links might work, but i think i tried that already. Will try it again to see if Mods folder can be relocated. Similar issue will exist with scripts folder which is hardcoded.

    Eliminating all duplication is impossible because certain files are modified differently by different mods.

    Other issue is that while batch or powershell scripts are great for making file and folder changes, they can't modify files like dlclist.xml because it is in an encrypted rpf archive.

  • That's true, OpenIV has a verry forced install way, appdata....... that's it ! i still use v4.01 after reading on 4.1.0 last 2022 re-update launch !!

    Anyway, perhaps i didn't go right to the point well, i took a sshoot of winmerge and will say again in a manner it's understandable.

    Once i've finished to mod the game, i want to not use the "mods" folder anymore, but instead, replace the vanilla files from ROOT with the ones from "mods..." folder. No files at all in "mods" anymore.

    Nothing about redirection, nor moving the "mods" folder, only cut/paste content from "mods" into ROOT and erase/replace any existing files.

    That works ?

    Here are the files in "mods" that i want to move in ROOT, then "mods" is finally totally empty, ROOT files are /replaced by the modded ones :


    EDIT: as a reminder, i have a full backup of the game on an external drive. I don't care in the end to not have vanilla files in game install DIR, because backup is available anyway.

  • @Klemc You can absolutely get rid of your mods folder and mod the game directly. You will need to restore files however after each Rockstar Update.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    @Klemc You can absolutely get rid of your mods folder and mod the game directly. You will need to restore files however after each Rockstar Update.

    Okay... ça va mieux :)

    i won't update the game anymore, re-mod the game !, no, that's too much for me, i'll stay forever with v2545, that's good enough for me.


    I repalced "Gameconfig for Limitless" Vehicles by "Gameconfig.xml Contract Update" (aka Dilapidated)... it has a github too with some updates applied regularely, but....... experimental.

    WOV had one file conflicting, with the only file found in Realistic Police Response Time - i edited myself, i hope it's fully integrated !!

    I don't install "NPC Style Cover Animations", because no.
    I don't install "Improved Los Santos County Sheriff Deputies", because no.
    I don't install "Improved LSPD Male Cops", because no.
    I don't install "Simple FIB Agent Enhancement", because no.
    I don't install "True Vanilla Female LSPD Cops", because no.
    I don't install "No Explosion On Crash", a cheat !!
    I don't install "ExtendedCameraSettings", too much for me
    I don't install "Weapon Limits Adjuster", my dlcpacks are mostl y cars for TPlus+, zero weapon

    I didn't install "Forests of San Andreas" at this time... soon.

    Do this one broken by recent update ? I don't seee difference with & without ! https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/no-radio-weapon-wheel-slowdown#description_tab - No Radio Weapon Wheel Slowdown

    Perhaps "GTA V Remastered: Enhanced" is a good choice, it's a dlc.rpf file in dlcpacks folder... sounds good to you ? EDIT: installed.

    To have TrainerV disabled in his default state... EDIT : EnabledOnStartup=1>0

    And finally, i think again to what we talked about the mods enhancing the visuals, there is nothing that stays respectuous of the Vanilla style, not even PRV, QuantV that claim that ? There is a competition between this graphics mods i'd say, there is even too much to tell if one is better than another by looking at videos on youtube (i think).
    I have and will finish to build a stable/clean moddeing, that i don't want a mod that adds his prerequisites (enb reshd) and force me to install stuffs i disabled (mblur... DOF). I will perhaps search informations on what to do with visualsettings and gamesettings and tha's all.


  • Hi

    i will have to check if all has been really installed when i did manual steps, bcause, in some cases, files keep encrypted state in OpenIV, (for update.rpf)... it doesn't accepts files replacement (at least by drag drop), how to fix that ?

  • @Klemc If you are in edit mode in OpenIV, it does accept drag and drop replacements. OpenIV will never prevent a file replacement with a valid file of the same name. Edit mode on?

  • @Klemc Go slow and easy when installing mods. The more you install the greater the likelihood of a crash/conflict/issue.

    For files like TrainerV you can also just rename them. But change the extension, because dinput8.dll will load or try to load anything with the extension .asi.

    As for the ini files, leave them as is. They don't do anything or interfere with anything if the asi or dll is disabled.

    For visual settings, in game, crank them as high as your hardware will allow. Turn on the FPS to see what you're getting. Disable Vsynch (depends on your monitor/card) to get higher FPS but watch for texture tearing etc.

  • @Klemc said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    i won't update the game anymore, re-mod the game !, no, that's too much for me, i'll stay forever with v2545, that's good enough for me.

    If you have a legal version of the game, EGS or Steam or retail if still available, you can't stop the game from updating.

    You let it update and then you revert 2 files, and despite what Youtube videos might tell you, only 2 files: scripthookV.dll and GTA5.exe.

    OpenIV will warn you, after an update with revert, that your update.rpf is outdated. Just ignore that message.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    i think the option "authorieze only edit in mods folder" was the cause, i searched google, re-eanbled it and files were added after that (mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\scenario\marlow_valley.ymt - from Forests of SA, fuinally added, after disabling this option. This file was not here before and that's how i could state files were not treatedn because i couldn't see it appear in OpenIV after drag & drop.

    I leanrned while googling about the admin mode if enabled can break drag & drop in OpenIV, i use the Admin integrated account... there is one thing i dislike in Windows, the rights, it means nothing to me but messes a lot of things/people,and i'm too not interested in all relatd to internet security, i hate that.

    ... i'll read all i view has been posted here now.

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