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Messed instructions for beginner

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Yeah, options in-game are well done, there is enough not like in most games.

  • @Klemc If you have admin privileges, you shouldn't have any issues at all with OpenIV or modding GTA5.

    My setup is different because I also have UAC (User Account Control) completely disabled. So essentially I control my PC and I'm fully versed at security and sharing files and folders in Winblows.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I just block with SimpleWall, and it won't update... right ?

    only 2 files: scripthookV.dll and GTA5.exe.

    That's it, if i don't move all files out of "mods" to replace vanilla when finished to mod !!!!!!!....

  • @Klemc No. Not enough. I block GTA5.exe and it removes the annoying online ads, but you can't block updates because R* and its Anti-Social club force you to have an account and force the updates down your throat.

    However Steam, while it forces an update, will allow you to update and revert effortlessly. Epic Games will nag you.

  • Now we'll have to use Windows rights feature to block access to the entire game folder from this source !

    That's great.

  • @Klemc You can't block updates period. Game will not run. Nobody has found a workaround.

    For Steam, however, there are emulators (Goldberg for example) - for me this is a dumb solution given how easy it is to revert. They are primarily designed for cracked and pirated games but also used by legal users to end updates. Of course some ppl simply don't like being forced to use Steam.

    For Epic Game Store version, there have been launcher bypass mods, but my understanding is that they no longer work.

    Once more, there is no way to block the game from updating with Steam, Epic, or retail versions - without cracking a legal game or an emulator.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    for me this is a dumb solution given how easy it is to revert.

    Yeah, great again, what's the purpose of Windows integrated rights feature if it can't success to work whenever we'd need it "really".

    OKay, no worry, i was just installing my last mod this morning, the forests, and i checked OIV so i found two collisions in senario folders with files from TraficPlus+, i kept T++ ones in rpf, i because don't know what senario files do.

  • @Klemc said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    what's the purpose of Windows integrated rights feature

    You can't blame Windows. This has nothing to do with Microsoft. It's 100% Take Two. The updates are forced on us either to patch bugs or in the case of GTA5 to keep the money coming in for GTAO.

    I personally wish users could decide whether to update their games or not but platforms like Steam will not allow that. You can disable automatic updates, you can pause updates, but you can't play most games until updated, even if you can play offline.

    I also don't like that i need to load Steam just to play a game. There are exceptions. Ironically Valve's greatest game, HL2, can be launched and played directly from its executable. However adding another layer, such as an emulator is not the solution. Games were not designed to run with emulator workarounds.

  • OKay, i will google about all that things to understand it better.

  • I listed all files conflicts between all mods, 69 scenarios but WOV has to be instlled before Tplus+ so 46 (23 left) to not be taken in account, in fact it's even less, because i found in OIV XML 26 missing entries of present scenarios files, & only 9 conflict in the end ( iasked the author about that).

    \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai\ambientpedmodelsets.meta = TPlus+ superceds WOV - allright
    \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai\vehiclemodelsets.meta = TPlus+ superceds WOV - allright
    \mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\popgroups.ymt = TPlus+ superceds WOV - allright
    \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dispatch.meta = Realistic Police Response Time superceds WOV - allright... that's the file i edited/merged, hope it's good
    < Edits >

    • <SLOW value="60.0"/>
      <MEDIUM value="50.0"/>
      <FAST value="50.0"/>
      <SLOW value="70.0"/>
      <MEDIUM value="60.0"/>
      <FAST value="60.0"/>

    There will be a conflict if i add the new file from TPlus+, beta for now, called "Dispatch Plus+ Lite Edition" , it's "dispatch-meta" !! I eventually will pass, it's meant to involve all the vanilla law enforcement vehicles in the five wanted levels... to test it's only one file anyway !!!

    I found about Forests of Chiliad, i install it too.
    I will add:
    fwBoxStreamerVariable and decals limit Patch
    Beta Vegetation & Props
    CScenario Point Patch
    Realistic Emergency Lights

    I remove approx ten mods on my main list from first post, it's twice compared to what i add, and not nonsence mods too.

    I have to spot dlcpacks... conflicts and it will be fully listed.

    And, i found a verry handy app to mae OIV the way i dreamed it'd work ;)
    Copy paste all Mods in the Mods folder of ModPacker Program (by Default : "C:\Users[UserName]\Documents\ModPacker"
    Note: to add files to "[fileName].rpf" just create a new folder named "[fileName].rpf" and paste your files inside.

  • @Klemc said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    And, i found a verry handy app to mae OIV the way i dreamed it'd work

    Mods like that keep you from learning, they leave you dependent on others, like a little baby.

    Here is how to do it yourself, using an OIV as a template, then editing by dragging and dropping, no need to archive separately.


  • There is a thing to consider, i have finished to place all files in respective directories (meant first to check files coliision), then as i used the same DIR tree as mentionned in the app/tool, i'm luck y because when i found about it i had almost almost finish... i looked at every OIV XML, seen when scripts are applied, dlcpacks installed, and all files, limit remove need warnings lead all to the same gameconfig file and others same dependances too...

    I think to add what's mentionned in the preview post up here and taht's a finish/end for me. Next i will add the full list cleared/rearranged...

  • @Klemc said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    (meant first to check files coliision)

    En anglais, c'est file conflicts, et non collisions.

  • OKay, i reached the end so i share a list, not too hard to install for beginners looking at it to to get an idea on how not dream of an overmodded game, mostly sourced by looking at PC Gaming Wiki.

    Voiloù :

    commandline.txt (applies to game engine/exe)

    CScenario Point patch
    fwBoxStreamerVariable and Decals Limit patch
    Gameconfig Dilapidated
    Heap Adjuster
    MBlur (edit)
    No CA No Lens Dist
    No Glowing Pickups
    NOLogo BIK
    Packfile Limit Adjuster
    ScriptHookV & .Net
    SirenSetting Limit Adjuster
    Menyoo // TrainerV (aka simlpe)
    Weapon Limits Adjuster (no need ?)
    RED's DlcListAutoCompiler.exe

    Map Fixes
    World of Variety
    Forests of San Andreas /\ OR (pick one only) OR // Forests of Chiliad
    Traffic Plus - 300 chosen vehicules

    Abilities fix
    Accuracy fix
    Beta Vegetation & Props
    IV CarJacking
    Emergency Sirens fixes & improvements
    Firefighter Headwear fix
    Fix NPCs Killable by Player Only
    Handle Speed fix
    No Tracers
    No Radio Weapon Wheel Slowdown\ broken, not work
    PEV DT SWAT fix for Interiors
    Realistic Emergency Lights
    Realistic Police Response Time
    Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration
    Remastered Enhanced
    Underwater Pickups
    Vanilla Expanded Dispatch Gang and Action
    Vanilla Vehicles Emissives fix
    Watch Dogs Vehicle Looting


    TEST (not used) :
    NPC Style Cover Animations
    Custom Torque Map
    Finite Cops


    CHEAT (!! look the page's video to get an idea !!):
    No Explosion On Crash

    Now time to say thanks for the support, a thousand time for all.

    don't drive as crazy guys, nor drunk, or don't drive at all anymore to save our artmosphere

    GTA 6 idea : no more fuel/petrol available on all the planet.... solar-thermal energy instead.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Klemc amuse toi maintenant :)

  • Je commence juste, j'ai tout vérifié à 100%, 3 fichiers à changer dans l'archive principale, c'était tout (scenarios).

    it 's needed to not use "CScenario Point patch", game won't start.

    i don't use the "Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration" because looks to be really to drive difficult with it.

    All others mods are good.

  • Hey JohnFromGWN :clapper:

    i compared files between ROOT, and mods folders (25GO),... it's time for me to move all out of "mods" and replace vanilla files that are in ROOT, that's easy if file exists in roots i move/replace the file,...
    .. but, if file exists only in "mods" should i put it in vanilla equivalant directory or or keep those in "mods" ?

    All files that are only in "mods" are in the "mods\dlcpacks" subdir !! Added by mods...


    EDIT: 620 vues, c'est pas rien ;p

  • @Klemc you will need to give an example.
    What I can tell you is that all your addons can be moved to the dlcpacks in the game folder. No issues there. Replaces will not be an issue either.

    So I can't think of a case where it exists in mods but not in game.

    Make sure to move your gameconfig.xml to the game folder as well as your dlclist.xml.
    Make sure to backup because any updates or verify integrity will replace your Mods.
    Paths are generally relative so you should be fine.

    In summary, AFAIK, you don't need a mods folder although it is a best practice. For example, in your case, if you edit a game file directly and screw up, you can't do a verify integrity because all your edited game files will be replaced. So normally the game folder is the backup for mods, you will need a game backup, or at least backup every file you edit or replace.

    Remember also that you don't need to load the game dlcpacks if you don't use them.

  • Yes, game loaded, non problemo...

    my "gameconfig.xml" is in the "update.rpf" file, and so the "dlclist.xml"... i can easyly update the DLCs list by using "RED's dlclist Auto Compiler" and put the file in "update.rpf" as needed.

    My mods folder is totally empty now, i will try to remove the openIV ASI later to see what happens.

    I will take care a lot when i update, i've done it all manually once, then i will only have to update TraficPlus+ and add some dlcpacks when new cars are available on his discord and if i like those too... 300 cars for now, i'm done.

    I don't know what vanilla dlcpack i don't use, because some of my mods deploy offline content from game files... WOV ; Trafic++....

    Well thanks.

  • Ohhh, and yes, perhaps i will mix "NB Visual" with "Vanilla expanded dispatch Gang and action" but it will be done as a separate modset with only this two (or three, see below), to have two different gaming experiences.

    About "Lively World Expansion", it's only 700ko dlcpacks, it's meant to add trees, will it be OKay with my list (contains forests of SA) ? Or i'd keep it for the second modset ?!!?

    OUPS: does that mean that now because i moved the files, i need to redo an dlclists xml because not all was copied in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" folder so the missing have not been listed ?.. i'd ask about it to RED on his discord.

  • @Klemc you can have your addons anywhere you want and in multiple folders and subfolders as well as long as you specify the path. No mod can do this for you.

    For example my dlc is not in my mods folder, it is in the game root folder.
    This is the syntax for Dlc folder as subfolder. I use comments for organization and also as bookmarks if I want to automate updates with my own OIV installers. Most of the time I update manually.

    <!--3. FRENCH RIVIERA-->

  • OKay.. i had my answern on Discord, the tool checks "everywhere" ;)

  • @Klemc
    I lookedup this "autocompiler and the instructions are:

    "With this awesome tool, you basically just need to put your [Add-On] folders into your dlcpacks directory in (Mods/update/x64/dlcpacks);

    directory, go back to x64, run the .exe and your new dlclist.xml, will be ready to be installed replacing the old one (This, always in Mods/update/update.rpf/common/data);"

    This implies it is looking for hard-coded paths.

    To do what I'm suggesting it would need to be able to scan an entire drive looking for files called dlc.rpf and creating new entries.
    I'll check his tool tomorrow for fun but have no intention of using it myself. I do this with a VB application.

  • This is a good mod the author does, it's called Trafic Plus+ and he tool is primarly meant to not have to edit manually the dlcslist files each time a compatible car addon is added, the cars are selected to be Lore Friendly, i have 30, but the list is about 500, i didn't like all designs, i don't like when there is a big bumper by exemple.

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