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Messed instructions for beginner

  • @Klemc sounds like your having fun.

  • Yes, true, i'm preparing modset 2 today.

    I could notice that you have the solution to everything, incredible.

  • Hello,

    i will have to biuld batch files to move files for switching from a modset to another... by moving out files exclusive to the applied to game modset, (files will go to "ROOT#Modd\MODSwitch*modsetname*...

    I made it once, for the "Silent Hill 2 HDVoices" mod... to swich between original and HDVoices files.
    But i'd like to do it better this time, because it's risky, i'd need to make more secure batch files.

    Here the SH2 batch i made (simple, that's my level)... by request of the moder im made a crc check instead of modified file date... here is what i changed compared to the uploaded link :

    @echo IF MD5 dba809a6db6325da4bffd690a4bf82dd - Original voices will switch to HD
    @echo /OG/\HD\ /OG/\HD
    @echo \HD/OG/ \HD/OG/
    @echo IF MD5 77bbc7cb801327dc0a907e74a3971482 - HD voices will switch to OG
    @echo --------------------------------------------
    @echo ------------------------------------------------------------
    @echo --------------------------------------
    @echo -------------------
    @echo ------
    @echo - MD5:
    @echo ------
    @echo off
    md5.exe sh2e\sound\sddata.bin

    I think it's possible to use the same type of batch, by checking modified filee date or MD5 on "update.rpf" to know wich modset is installed..

    ... but i don't know to make advanced BATCH files.

    Any idea ?

  • @Klemc I would suggest instead of moving files you simply rename them.
    Renaming a file will keep it from loading and is much faster, no lag.

  • move moves files, but Robocoby's move indeed copies files anyway it's the same HDD or not !! i use move (simple).

    By moving files i have less mess, and i feel well organised.

  • Here data OR md5 check (need tool) :

    @echo Check installed MODSet
    @echo -----------------------
    @echo -
    @echo TraficPlus
    @echo 24\6
    @echo ...........
    @echo NB Visual
    @echo 13h14
    @echo .............
    @echo Gang Action
    @echo 13h11
    @echo -
    @echo ---
    @echo ------
    @echo -----------
    @echo -----------------
    @echo DATE Hour
    @echo -----------------
    @echo off
    dir /t:w ....\update\update.rpf | find "/"
    @echo -----------------
    @echo -----------
    @echo ------
    @echo ---
    @echo -
    @echo Close the window
    @echo off
    pause >nul

    @echo Check installed MODSet
    @echo -----------------------
    @echo -
    @echo TraficPlus
    @echo 25bdc605b84187d41ee4301d7a4568c7
    @echo ....................................
    @echo NBVisual
    @echo b06cf10f8b9ad879718f7a74d5070dd0
    @echo ......................................
    @echo GangAction
    @echo bb1134f29a93fa0c5c519c1b7d5801bd
    @echo -
    @echo --
    @echo ---
    @echo -----
    @echo HASH
    @echo -----
    @echo off
    md5.exe ....\update\update.rpf
    @echo --------------------------------
    @echo ------------------------
    @echo ----------------
    @echo --------
    @echo ----
    @echo --
    @echo -
    @echo Close the window
    @echo off
    pause >nul

    First step done, now i have to movve the correct files, WinMerge can list files for me.

  • OKay, the batch i can do myself (simple)...

    ... but the question now is about RPF in RPF, instead of keeping twice the same files (1.7GO), that has only one tiny file that differs, is there a command possible to add in the batch to edit it the file instead, using OpenIV BTW ?

    It's :


  • @Klemc the quick answer is no, not from a batch file. You mentioned in this thread that you used a mod which compiled dlclist.xml. To do that his mod has to be able to edit an archive and not only an archive but an encrypted one as well.

    You can't do this from a windows batch file. If you do find a utility to do this, and I've never researched this, one that can manipulate and edit files in an rpf encrypted archive, please let me know.

    Also it might be possible to remove the encryption, maybe even with OpenIV, but again I never looked.

  • Well, that means i'll have a 1.7GO DUP file.

    I won't find the tool, i'm pretty sure of it.

    BTW, are you able to look at the two files and tell me if i don't switch while using different modset, what it can do, please, i don't understand .ymap :


  • @Klemc I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. En francais stp.

  • If i don't switch the big mpbiker.rpf file that contains only one different file between the two mods (a tiny 22kb ymp file : bkr_id1_rd_strm_3.ymap) , can it break the mod that didn't had this modded file ?

    I upoaded the two files in a zip,if ever you can tell me what's different in it inside the ymap file, and if it's preferable switch the full mpbiker.rpf (so, i'll keep the DUP file and switch it while switching modset), or if the edit is not so important and i can use it for the two modsets.


    Ahh,, en FRançais alors... ben si j'utilise le fichier mpbiker.rpf qui ne contient qu'un petit fichier. ymap de 22kb qui diffère entre les deux packs de mods, cela pourrait-il être la cause de bugs sur un pack différent de celui dont il provient.

  • @Klemc I suggest you try it both ways. This way you will be certain if you need a duplicate or not.

  • J'ai écris en Français...

    ... donc, je préfère garder le fichier dupliqué, tant pis, je ne sais pas comment tester de toute façon.

  • What can i do with the "NativeTrainer.asi (from ScriptHookV archive), i have "Menyoo" & "TrainerV", i need to keep it or should get rid off it !?!

  • @Klemc definitely get rid of it.

  • @Klemc why can't you test?

    tu essaies avec un et si ça ne marche pas tu utilises les deux

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    definitely get rid of it

    Yes ;)

    @JohnFromGWN said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    @Klemc why can't you test?

    tu essaies avec un et si ça ne marche pas tu utilises les deux

    Je ne sais pas ce que le fichier induit comme changement, donc je ne sais pas où aller et/ou quoi faire pour pouvoir vérifier si/comment ça interfère, ou pas, en cours de jeu.
    C'est pas grave.

    Ah oui, au fait, j'ai trouvé un fichier "hashes.ini", je sais pas quel mod/script/plugin l'a créé... 1530 lignes.

  • Well, it has been something, i listed files of my game folder and created random fake files with PowerShell :
    E.G (the 1 is the size in octets)
    $out = new-object byte[] 1; (new-object Random).NextBytes($out); [IO.File]::WriteAllBytes('D:\FOLDER\FILE.ext', $out)

    Avantage of that, i could test my batch files, all is OK.

    Only functionnal files are the BAT files (run diectly from the zip in the subdir, no need to extract each .bat files, wich work in relative pass, nothing goes out the downloaded folder)...
    ... the md5 check works, because i updated the .bat info to be used with the fake files.


    This is only meant as an exemple...
    ... you can test your batches in the folder, and compare the modified folder (after install & uninstall batch processes finished), over a fresh folder copy (renames e.g: GTABatchNO).

  • Je cherche mais je ne trouve rien...

    ... j'ai utilisé mes batch, tout marche, malheureusement, lorsque ScriptHookV m'a demandé si je voulais "updater" les hashes, j'ai cliqué NON (MODSet 2) !!
    Alors pour le modset concerné je n'ai pas de hashes.ini créé ( et crash CTD aussi), comment forcer le script à mettre à jour ce fichier STP !?

    J'avais eu raison de déplacer ce fichier dans mon batch en tout cas, car le troisième MODSet a créé un nouveau et il diffère du premier (pas de CTD) !!

  • @Klemc You're are getting much too complicated.

    I have never seen or heard about a message from ScriptHookV, nor ScriptHookVDonNet, about updating hashes. In fact I've never seen any messages from either

    ScriptHook files other than the annoying "Do you want to check for SH updates". Which has nothing to do with hashes and does not recur for a long period.

    I'm not at all familiar with hashes.ini, other than the fact that it sits in my root folder and has hashes for cars.

  • The strange thing is that the mod files (modset) wich where in place just before i had to answer (NO, my bad) when launching the game, is the only that hasn't hashes INI created since, and to CTD too !! Strange coincidence.

  • @Klemc try copying hashes.ini from the modset which has it to the modset missing it.

  • Done earlier, i removed enb, all sorts of files too switched temporarely to a folder out of the game ROOT.

    EDIT: savegame too, tried without.

  • @Klemc I hope you figure it out but I don't understand what is motivating you to implement with such a high level of complexity?

    I have over 12 mod folders with minimal duplication, all sharing one and only one dlc folder. Each one has its own dlclist.xml which governs which assets will be loaded.

    The mods are loaded by a batch menu that instantly renames the mods and also passes on my Steam ID username and password credentials. One keystroke to choose mods, for example Liberty City, a second keystroke to launch both Steam and GTA5 automatically without manual login.

    Stability? Near perfect with each mod having about 300 peds and 500 vehicles in addition to the Megamaps and MLOs.

    Complexity? Very low. Super high degree of organization makes maintenance effortless.

    Best of all no issues with collisions or script conflicts, all running on hardware supporting beautiful natural looking graphics without the need for artificial looking junk like enbs and other visual mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Messed instructions for beginner:

    each mod and having about 300 peds and 500 vehicles in addition to the Megamaps

    That's good, i was at the verry end, did my stuff like i know, can do better.

    BTW, i think the mod is based on older game version, and that's the problem, i'll try a last time with missing files added to his update.rpf to his archive and defenively delete all if it not works.

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