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Problem with police mod and lights

  • Hi

    I have little problem. I installed police car mod Volvo V70 from GTA5Mods and everything works fine but single problem
    that appears is that Taxi cars signs on the roof are to bright as soon i install this volvo v70 carmod and some original police cars lose their lights function on the roof and some lights are not red and blue instead they go to white/orange something like that,

    Then even gauge meter in the modded Volvo V70 is to bright.

    Do i miss some plugin or what am i doing wrong?

    As soon i remove modded car everything works as normal.

    Mods i have is LSPDFR, ASI LOADER, RAGEPLUGIN, ScripthookV.

  • @bihslk Use this
    if you want to keep the police lights brighter without taxi ad blinding you , use this

  • thanks CGZ youre my hero

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