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d drive full while trying to move to D Games

  • ok, i understand i'm getting it from repack games, cuz ye know, i'm very broke for it and my friend is gonna help me getting the game, anyways, when i'm moving the game to D : \Games, winrar says not enought disk space and my d drive is extremely full. i really need help, i know that i might not get help while i have it pirated but i'm getting the game on steam soon

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  • @SecretCookie said in d drive full while trying to move to D Games:

    winrar says not enought disk space and my d drive is extremely full

    My guess is that you might not have enough disk space for your pirated game or even for the Steam version when you get it legally.
    It's very possible your drive is extremely full.
    But that's just my guess.

  • ok, sorry if this will find you annoying but, when i'm installing gtav on steam does that mean it's still full

  • @SecretCookie I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not shiting us.

    Backup all or any files you want to keep on your d drive with the pirated copy. Next delete the pirated GTA5 game because uninstallers won't remove mods.

    Take that opportunity to see if there is crap on that drive that you don't need and can delete. This will give you additional space.

    Next check to see if you have sufficient room to install the Steam version.

    In passing drives that are almost full don't perform well with write functions because they need more time to search for free sectors and because you need room for temp files as well. This is particularly a problem with mechanical HDDs, a phenomenon called thrashing.

    You ok now?

  • @SecretCookie GTA 5 needs about 80 GB space for installation. Check the descriptions, they should have written the size. So that is the amount of free space you need to unpack the game.

    Now here is the catch (in case you don't know this part).

    Downloading a game from Steam and from a repack is different. The way Steam works is, it is downloading the already unpacked version of the game. Like there is no actual installation. This is why when the download finishes, the game instantly being ready to play. So with a basic explanation, if the game size, for example, is 20 GB (In the descriptions bottom of the page it says Required Disk Space), then 20 GB of empty space is enough to download and play the game.

    For the repacks however, the downloaded files are the installer only. Basically you are downloading the packed version of the game. If the game's unpacked state is 20 GB, the packed version is being about 8 GB (This varies from repackers, Fitgirl is known to pack the game very good which the installer's size being quite small. Be careful to it's fake sites though, check reddit to see which one is real. I can't share the link in here since it's now allowed).
    So let's assume the packed version you downloaded is 8 GB. In this case you need to have 8+20=28 GB free space to be able to install the game.

    If you don't have enough space in your D drive for both keeping the installer and installed state, then you can move the downloaded installer to your C drive and install the game in your D drive (assuming you have enough space in C drive and D drive has enough space to handle the installed size).

    If you are asking this question like: There isn't enough space in your D drive to install the game so if you delete the game's installer can you install it from Steam; then you need to check and do some basic math.

    • Check the size of the installer and note it,
    • Check the amount of free space in your D drive and note it,

    Them sum up how much space they make equal.

    Next check the Required HDD (Disk) Space in Steam for gta 5. If it's lower than the sum up of those 2, then you can download it from Steam after you delete the repack installer. If it's bigger than the sum up, then you can't download it even if you delete the repack installer. Steam will also give you not enough disk space error and won't download the game. Even if you ignore the error message, the download won't be completed.

    What you can do is up to you. If you think there are insignificant files you can sacrifice for gta 5, then you can delete them and make space.
    The most budget option would be buying an external USB hard disk and moving your least used files in D drive to your external hard disk.
    and the last option would be buying a new sata hard disk with higher capacity, but judging by their prices, this option will most likely won't be affordable :(

    Hope this helps.

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