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Cant use Addon Vehicles

  • Hello

    I recently started playing gta v again and i tried like i did before, to install addon vehicles.
    however i seem to be having a lot of problems since i cant spawn any addon vehicles with menus
    The latest mod i tried is the 2019 Ford GT MKII
    I also tried to use the latest gameconfig avaiable Gameconfig (1.0.2612) for Limitless Vehicles
    Here i have my asiloader https://pastebin.com/vphGLMT4
    My ScriptHookV log https://pastebin.com/kixb06x6
    And my SriptHookVDotNet log https://pastebin.com/bpPn002r

    The menu i'm using for the most part is the simple trainer

    I'll gladly give more information if needed Thank you

  • @hahaonburn

    Addon vehicles are loaded by OpenIV.asi which itself is loaded by dinput8.dll.

    If there is a problem with OpenIV.asi, which is unlikely, you would see it in the OpenIV.log file - as I said, not probable.

    OpenIV.asi loads addons based on dlclist.xml. The version in your mods folder takes precedence, has priority, over the ones from the game (plural because there is one in common.rpf as well as one in update).

    My guess, although you didn't provide information on the spawn - i.e. is there an error message or just nothing happens? Error messages from the trainer are important to mention - my guess, is that you installed a mod with an OIV recently and it wiped your dlclist.xml clean (it replaced it).

    Or, just as probable, you have a syntax error in dlclist.xml.

    So please check your syntax, even though OpenIV should flag an error, and if necessary post your dlclist.xml from mods on pastebin.

    Those are the obvious causes and fixes. If not, you will need to start disabling all vehicle scripts (asi and dlls) temporarily to see if one is causing a conflict - again unlikely.

    Once more, would love to know if Trainer is giving a "not found" error or nothing at all.

  • @hahaonburn

    You really don't need this file
    Loading "D:\Epic Games\GTAV\NativeTrainer.asi"
    "NativeTrainer.asi" => 00007FFD959C0000

    You can validate your syntax with OpenIV like in screenshot below, or online with validation sites. But post it anyway, sometimes OpenIV or the sites don't help.

    alt text

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