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[Tutorial] - adding and activating new liverys for Bell-360 Invictus

    1. First we will download a new livery. Thanks to @Voltrock, I will use this one as an example.

    2. After downloading. We will open "OpenIV" and go to the folder where Bell-360 Invictus. mine is located in(mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\bell360). and we will add this new livery to the texture dictionary:

      1. first open the file "bell360.ytd" (bell360\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\). Use editor mode to activate this option:
        alt text
      2. now go to the import option, in the upper left corner:
        alt text
      3. and choose the livery you downloaded to import and wait for the "Choose import options" window and after it appears un-check the option "automatically generate miniMap levels" and choose the "A8R8G8B8" format in "texture format", like this:
        alt text
      4. After adding the texture to the dictionary, we will rename it exactly like this:
        alt text
    • you ask me: why exactly like this? Why are you going to follow the logic:
      [bell360_] - is the name of the vehicle;
      [sign_] - I believe this is the key the game uses to identify the texture as a livery;
      [2] - is the numbering of the livery. Remembering that the reason it's number two in this case is because there is already a livery, so this is the second in the list of liverys.
    1. Okay, now after adding the livery, let's activate the livery!
      1. it is only necessary to edit the file "vehicle.meta" (bell360\dlc.rpf\common\data) by adding the flag: FLAG_HAS_LIVERY to the flags, like this:
        alt text

  • @Niziul Clearly written.

    If you allow me to add a few points regarding coding vehicles.

    Most cars have the livery with all the other vehicle options, but when coding the first is 0, not 1.
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_LIVERY, vehicle1, 0);

    A few cars have it in the Custom Menu, and require prior installation of a modkit.
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_MOD, vehicle1, 48, 1, false);
    //48 is for livery as a mod, (not regular livery), in this example for a racing stripe, -1 none, 0 white, 1 black - in this case, same values as Menyoo

    If creating your own menu, and using SHVDN3, you can use an index value to scroll through all the available liveries.

    Vehicle LastVehicle = Function.Call<Vehicle>(Hash.GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN, PP, true); //PP = Player Ped
    LastVehicle.Mods.Livery = LiveryIndex.Value;
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_VEHICLE_FIXED, LastVehicle);

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