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Can't enable online map on version 1.60 2628.

  • I am playing GTA 5, newest version 1.60, patch 2628, and for some reason I just cant enable online maps. I am using Bennys Garage in SP mod by I am not mental. There is not graffiti on garage and I can get in and customize vehicles, however there isn't interior of Bennys garage as well. Also other interiors that require online map dont work for me. I installed MPMenu by FlyHigh, but that did not solved the issue.

  • @Michael317 Have never encountered your issue, but did you enable online maps for example in Simple Trainer? If not they will not load. Have never used Benny's mod, but this is true for North Yankton etc. Menyoo has a different approach.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yea MPMap is enabled in trainerv.ini file, but still nothing. I also use open all interiors mod, enabled there as well of course.

  • @Michael317 MPMap is enabled in .ini, which should obviously be reflected in game, but just for the hell of it, did you check from the Menu itself?

    And did this happen after the update only? In other words, did the update break the functionality?

  • @JohnFromGWN I enabled MPMap in both simple trainer and with menu ingame, and yea it might be the update, because I cant remember having this kind of problems in earlier versions of the game. But I still want to know is it possible to enable MPMap in version 1.60, and if so how can I do it.

  • @Michael317 Sorry I don't know. Hopefully someone esle has run across this. I'm still with 2372 and have avoided so many issues.

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