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Banned for TRASH??

  • I wanted to test out posting something on the website and did some random stuff and posted it. Before it even got accepted and went public I deleted the post and for the reason of deletion, I put "test". Today I got logged out and when I tried to log back in, it said I was banned for "trash".

    Image of login screen


    @Pqre Unbanned your account but please the next time do not upload stuff like this :sweat_smile: image

    It may not sound familiar for you (understandable) but there are trolls/bored people which exactly do this kind of uploads and we, obviously, reject such trash uploads and ban them. Since yours looked like one of them and you didn't have any uploads (as all the accounts which do this) then your account went through the same process even if your intention wasn't to troll :joy:

    To avoid this from happening, the next time it'd be better if you can post something like "testing before uploading any mods" instead as it'd just look slightly more serious :)

  • @Reyser haha, thanks for unbanning me.

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