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Long loading and only works with openIV and .asi is removed

  • Currently after I would say a month and some change with openIV and now I am experiencing long loading and only works when removing both openIV and is .asi files are removed form the GTA 5 directory. Is there a way to fix this?

  • @Narga
    Please clarify if you need to remove OpenIV.asi only or OpenIV.asi + all the others. Your post alludes to both being removed, but at the same time?

    Does your game load properly with OpenIV? I mean removing just other asi files.

    You wrote this happened after some changes. That's the case nearly 99% of the time, the changes break the configuration. The other 1%, just setting these arbitrarily, is bad luck, corruption of system, game, or Mod files.

    Note that it is unlikely OpenIV will cause your issues, it's much more likely the load times are a result of your addon mods, which OpenIV will load.

    The other asi files are loaded by dinput8.dll, including OpenIV.

    The fact that the problem goes away points to your addon vehicle, peds, or other dlcpacks.
    Could also be caused by one or more of the asi files. Finally, although unlikely, could be a replacement Mod issue,

    So first test with OpenIV and your Menu Mod only. If load is normal it is possibly another asi or your addons.

    If load is still long, then check addons by disabling mods folder and disable your scripts folder just to ensure you are troubleshooting properly, although removing scripts is not mandatory. In this case leave OpenIV and your Mod Menu installed.

    You need to be systematic and eliminate variables. And think of what changes you made.

    I'm assuming also your PC is powerful enough to run mods.

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