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Rockstar Editor clips Have no terrain

  • i have bunch of mods installed and my game runs great. I have graphical mods installed (NVE+Quantv+VisualV). however recently my recorded clips dont have terrain in them!

    any time i record a video, and open it in R* editor, it doesnt have ground, like no terrain. i can still see other objects, just not ground, its invisible.

    I've ran the game on stock graphics, Removed map mods, removed Reshade, removed ENB but no luck. at this rate i even have no idea what else to do.


    AMD Ryzen 9 5900x
    AMD 6800m 12gb graphic card
    24gb ram(8+16)

  • @NotYourAVgGamer Removing mods, doesn't guarantee one bit that your game will be restored. If you installed with an OIV for example files will have been replaced and unfortunately you will need to find out what was replaced and restore with vanilla.

    First, do a verify integrity. This is much quicker and equally effective in most cases as a reinstall. Next, disable all your Mods by renaming dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak. Rockstar Editor should now work.

    If it does work, your mod folder has been screwed up by your Visual Disenhancement mods.

    Just curious, did this happen after the last update and does it happen both in and out of the game boundaries?

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