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DLC files deleted dont know how to get them back

  • I put the fivem download file stuff in with the epic games GTA stuff and deleted a lot of files I didn't know what they were for so I just deleted most please help but I do have some fivem files in a different folder

  • @jmailceo sounds like the end of the world.

    Relax, take a deep breath. No idea why you posted here since this is not a Windows help forum, but let's pretend it is and you're talking client side, not your own apache server.

    First place to look is that funny looking icon called the recycle bin, hopefully you didn't empty it.

    Next it's totally unclear what files you deleted. If game files, do a verify integrity.

    If client side mods, reinstall or once more, in both cases, recycle bin first. What is fivem stuff and what is epic stuff. Can you be more specific like folder and file names?

    If this is a local Fivem server, reinstall. Same for server side mods, scripts, Lua, and whatever they use.

    If this is a hosted server why not post on Fivem?

    P.S. just because you don't recognize files is no reason to do mass deletions, particularly without a backup.

    P.PS whatever you screwed up can be easily fixed, but calm the F down and provide clarity so someone here or on the Fivem forums can walk you through.

    N.b website thinks my post post scriptum is a link, I'm not spamming.

  • This post is deleted!

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