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Fixing a broken model and lights.

  • Hello!

    I have been struggling with vehicle models, meta files etc for a while now and I have attempted to figure out stuff on my own by googling and checking how others have done things but after hours and hours of trial and error I am still not able to figure out a few things that I hope someone here can help me with.

    • How do you remove red lighting from a blue emergency lighting vehicle where the texture is blue but there is a red amber or corona light on top see screenshot below:


    • How to fix doors not placed correctly. In this ambulance I am trying to get working the hood is like a meter above where it should be. See image below:


    • Last problem I am unable to figure out is where the vehicle model seems attached to doors... So if a door falls off the whole model follows. I found a post that mentions something about hierarchy in Zmodeler but I was unable to find any more information about this... See image below for example:


    Any and all assistance is very very much appreciated as I have been trying for so long to get these things working :D

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