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New Users - Menyoo or Simple Trainer?

  • For new mod users, one important decision to make is which Trainer to install. These are required to spawn peds, vehicles, and props (assets).

    With respect to spawning, you could also do this if you write your own scripts, or you could install dedicated mods for vehicles (Add-On Vehicle Spawner by ikt) or for peds (AddonPeds by Meth0d). For the latter, see this post for the best method to spawn and organize peds.

    Most importantly Trainers allow you to enhance GTA5 in unimaginable ways. Everything from changing your player or NPC clothes and hairstyles, modifying the colour and characteristics of your vehicles, changing the weather and time, and much more. You also will benefit from a host of new funtionalities such as teleporting to any location - even beyond the boundaries of San Andreas (with an additional mod).

    We will leave it up to you to discover all the features and functions of your chosen Trainer and just mention the two most popular, at least historically and based on number of downloads.

    These are Menyoo PC and Simple Trainer for GTA. Both are excellent, and of course you can install both if you wish.

    My personal favourite is Menyoo, for its intuitive and more user-friendly interface. However it is no longer supported by the creator, Mafin, although updates are still available from the community.

    Simple Trainer and other newer contenders, still supported and updated, are slowly gaining ground on Menyoo and all have their pros and cons. Given these trainers are free, you can easily experiment and keep one, two, or several. Keep in mind that loading similar mods, or too many mods in general, may cause stability issues due to potential conflicts. However Menyoo and Simple Trainer play nice and coexist close to perfectly with each other.

    A Trainer that is definitely not required but most new users install anyway is the Native Trainer packaged with Script Hook V. Don't install it, it's old and unnecessary.

    One thing I really dislike about Simple Trainer is the old fashioned interface and the use of the NumPad for menu navigation and option selection. No mainstream Windows applications use this type of interface. Thankfully, Simple Trainer is easily customizable and you can reassign key bindings.

    For example, to have a more Windows type of navigation and entries, change the following in the file called trainerv.ini:

    MenuKeyUp=38		//changed Default Num 8 to Up Arrow
    MenuKeyDown=40		//changed, Default Num 2 to Down Arrow
    MenuKeyScrollUp=39	//Menu Scroll, Default Num 6 to Right Arrow
    MenuKeyScrollDown=37	//Menu Scroll, Default Num 4 to Left Arrow
    MenuKeyEnter=13	// changed Enter, Default Num 5 to Enter button

    One last note, as someone will surely mention it. Menyoo is also available, updated more frequently, on this appveyor site, but the server has quotas which seem to always be exceeded. So you're lucky or very patient if you can download from there.

  • I advise those who are starting out to choose Rampage trailer right away since, in my opinion, I consider it an improved version of menyoo.

    I in particular am extremely used to menyoo. It's basically the only mod with a menu system that I can stand using, because it was the first mod I came into contact with.

  • @JohnFromGWN Well honestly both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. So if you need a good variety and options, you need both of them.

    Though the Simple Trainer has a freaking out problem and I'm not sure why or am I the only one having this but sometimes it's keys are freaking out. For example I press Num5 and it teleports me to Mikey's house, fills my armor. and this problem never fixes until I restart my pc. but no, it's not my keyboard or pc, when I press those keys they write perfectly correct, but acting weird in game with Simple Trainer ..

    Never got a chance to try Rampage trainer but I should have check it soon <3 Also there is this Zolika's trainer too, seems pretty advanced and lots of options <3

  • @Aurora11 Agreed and I have both, but Simple Trainer is disabled/renamed for use only if there is something Menyoo can't do. Right or wrong, I avoid anything that involves scripts except for those I create myself. This is principally to ensure a system that is stable and free of any script conflicts. How often does my GTA5 crash? I can't remember the last time.

    The other reason is that thankfully I'm able to do what I want to do with my own scripts and LemonUI - not dependent on others, don't have to worry about conflicts or outdated scripts or whether they are compatible with 2372.

    So I don't have any missions or superhero scripts - in fact none at all. I have my Menyoo trainer and my LemonUI menus written in C# dot net. Only downloaded files in scripts are LemonUI, NativeUI, and NAudio. That's it!

    Nothing else, no asi other than the essentials: OpenIV, Menyoo, NoBoundaryLimits, ScriptHookVDotNet, Heap/Pack.
    One exception: Ranch_SP_Maps - which I rarely need. I even disable OpenCameraV.

    Of course I do test scripts from time to time but usually end up keeping them as inactive or just deleting them.

  • @Aurora11 Strange issue with your Simple Trainer?? Did it always do that? Things like that keep me awake at night until fixed lol. I assumed you tried re-installing Simple Trainer including older versions. Testing with a clean slate GTA V game etc. Possibly Different version GTA V games. 2060 had a few weird glitches for me but 2372 is perfect!!

    @JohnFromGWN Personally I use both trainers on the daily depending what I do. Couldn't do without either. Yeah dawg stability is vital!! I never get crashes....yet lol. Props on making / using your own scripts. Is BTTFV included in your scripts? Latest vers is LemonUI. Ftr. If I had to choose only one playable mod of all my mods it would be BTTFV,

  • @JohnFromGWN said in New Users - Menyoo or Simple Trainer?:

    old fashioned interface and the use of the NumPad for menu navigation and option selection

    I've always used Simple Trainer and basically for these reasons. I like the minimal interface, and don't really use a trainer enough that not being able to use a mouse for navigation isn't a problem. Plus it's just familiar; I used Simple Native Trainer (later renamed to Simple Trainer) in GTA IV. I think I started playing GTA IV on PC in 2011, so yeah, I've been using Simple Trainer for over a decade. The only plus Menyoo has for me is that it's open-source, although it only recently became that way. I've tried Menyoo in the past and there's just nothing there I cared for that Simple Trainer didn't have.

  • @gtavjamal i downloaded it, deleted most of it, never tried it, kept the cars only!
    BTTF best movie evuh.

  • @JohnFromGWN Dope!! I hope you managed to find a way to get the time machine sound effects too, doors opening, unique engine sounds etc. Yeah dawg BTTF is as perfect as a movie gets! The 1st film. 2nd and 3rd were real good but not in the same league as the 1st one.

  • @gtavjamal 1 was definitely the best. 3 was damn good too. 2? meh.
    Exactly like Raiders of the Lost Ark. 2 was also meh, or even really meh.

  • @gtavjamal Yup it's old versions had that too. But back in those times I thought it was something to do with my pc. I had an Alienware laptop back in that time and was using a device called Graphics Amplifier to connect a desktop GPU to the laptop. Well it was good and all of course but was breaking some stuff in the game for reasons I couldn't figure out :thinking:

    For example changing the weather with trainer wasn't visually changing it. I was seeing peds are taking umbrellas and such but no rain or snow .. and since this keybind issue being very random, I never tried to unplug the gpu and test without it.

    but now I am on desktop pc (fucking finally) and this keybind issue happened a few times again. So I'm sure it's not the pc but so difficult to figure out what it is :thinking: What's making me blow my mind is, this never gets fixed without me restarting the pc. but yeah, all those numeric keys working just fine in everything else. Tried many other games and they all good.

    I did so many things to fix it but it's just too rare and impossible to recreate :(

  • Like many, I started out with the 'packaged trainer' from scripthook and quickly found how limited it was. Now I use Menyoo, Simple Trainer and Enhanced Native Trainer. Menyoo for building, character and scene creation, ST for basic game functions and ENT for things the other two don't cover or have. I love Menyoo and my only current beefs are it being regularly and consistently updated now that Mafins has bailed and since the $#!%%y 'contract' dlc I haven't been able to load maps with more than 700 props without crashing the game.

    ST has been a constant and consistent mod with regular fixes. That and it's currently the only mod that regularly adds the latest dlc maps and interiors. My one gripe with ST is the video displays in the nightclubs, casino and arcades work fine when you initially enter and will continue to do so long as you stay in that space. Move to another and come back, the script breaks. You can go into the menu and restart them, but the looping gets broken and there is no way to repair it in game. I've mentioned this several times over the years to the creator, but have always gotten the old, 'well it works on my machine' crap.

    ENT is what 'Native Trainer' wanted to be! My beefs with it are character creation is far more laborious even than with ST and not in the same 'dimension' with Menyoo. You 'could' build with it (just like you could build with ST), don't bother. Where ENT is the '$#!%' is it offers so many in-game enhancements in one mod! Everything from 'gassing up your vehicles' to a 'purge-like' madness where everyone in San Andreas goes on a rampage all at once! That and the team that works on the mod are freakin' champs. They are truly responsive and take requests/concerns seriously and makes the effort to address them best as possible. Some 'fixes' are glitchy (bodyguards have no concept of 'personal space', you can 'super-punch' a mofo', but don't accidentally wave your arm at the gas pumps and have fun working out the low and super-high-level 'super jumps.')

  • @Aurora11 I feel ya frustration dawg. Dayuuum.

    Interesting how you mentioned only restarting fixes it.

    Recently I set up a task schedule that deletes the memory cache on the regular every 5 mins. You can also do it manually too at will.

    My computers run sooo perfect like brand new! Could be different for others. Of course I am only speaking from my own experience.

    I just did exactly as in this vid below. Shout out to ASA Technical.

    Software link from the vid.

    As he says due diligence use at your own risk.

    PS. If clearing the memory cache doesn't help what drive do you store your GTA V on? For mines nothing goes on my c drive except for the OS and a few essential stuff like the virus killer etc.

  • @iammistahwolf That sux dawg regarding your maps. Is it possible for you to have 2 separate GTA V's. One using the latest version so you can play online etc and another older reverted version for SP. Like I got 4 on my EGS. 2628, 2545, 2372, 2060. The latest just for testing, 2372 as one of my main GTA V's, 2060 and 2545 are Christmas specific,

  • @iammistahwolf Excellent summary. I only use Menyoo and for very simple things, so thanks for sharing your experience.

  • @gtavjamal having multiple versions would be great, but my biggest issue is that damn 'launcher'. Prior to the 'contract', I could play offline twice before having to 'sign in again'. If I blocked all elements of GTA and Social Club, I could play indefinitely off line with resetting the date to the last time my sign in was good. Now, 'R' and their $#!%%y launcher has effedup everything and if I play offline once, I immediately have to sign in again. I've tried to get 'r' to fix it, but they are retards saying my 'connection is bad'. No, it's your $#!%%y launcher!!!! But I digress....

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah, Menyoo is best as a building trainer. I tried Map Editor, but it was clunky and kept freezing my computer. The one advantage it had over Menyoo was the props, objects and ped lists were more comprehensive and got regular updates. Now that I've figured out how to get Codewalker working with a controller, building with it looks like it will be easier. I just hate Codewalker won't see Map Builder props or I just haven't figured out how to get it to do it.

  • @JohnFromGWN, If I may I'd like to ask some questions in chat. I understand you'd have to follow me to allow that to happen.

  • Another reason why I prefer Menyoo to Simple Trainer. I normally keep the latter disabled, but enabled it to test something and forgot it was still active.

    Later I was testing some unrelated scripts I wrote for personal use, and noticed all kinds of unexpected crap happening. I realized it was because I use key bindings for my non menu scripts (I use keys which are very unlikely to cause conflicts with the game, like /, or [, or ]) and realized Simple Trainer thinks it's a wonderful idea to create 1000 key bindings. So as I was using my own key bindings it was doing its unwanted/unexpected shit as well.

    Sure you can disable them but that's it's dumb asF default behaviour - author never heard of less is more.

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