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problem when i want to edit carvariations.ymt ?

  • hello everyone when i want to edit carvariation.ymt on OPENIV, i have an error message when i click on save after i edit it, it says that it is OPENIV is unable to save and to retry later but even when i retry it dont want to work.
    anyone has a fix please ?

  • @gti92 try right click > export as meta/xml to desktop. right click on the file on desktop and open with notepad. once done, save it and just drag back to where it came from (replacing the old carvariations.ymt)

  • @gti92 said in problem when i want to edit carvariations.ymt ?:

    save and to retry later

    It actually said to retry later?

    Are you in Edit mode?

  • @drlq99 i also tried this but it said error in line 0 or something like that, actually i forgot to mention that it was not working only when trying to edit some emergency vehicles lines, i tried with civilian cars and it worked.

  • That's the error message when i edit it after i export it from the desktop to openiv:

    Some files not imported, more information below.

    carvariations.ymt.xml(Line 0): Unable to import META/PSO file.

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