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Can you create your own Trainer?

  • Yes you can, but why would you? There are many excellent trainers out there like Menyoo and Simple Trainer and others.

    So why reinvent the wheel? Because you can. Well let's preface that with rather than try to create your own Trainer, how about creating a customized Menu with the stuff you use 90% of the time. I know myself, I probably use 5% of what's in any Trainer.

    The benefits of creating your own menu, and it's much simpler than you think, is to have it exactly your way. Want the ugly MP Female to spawn naked rather than with a clown mask? You can. No need to customize her after the spawn.

    Want to spawn your new Lambo in green with just the extras you wanted? Can do as well.

    Sure you can save spawns as favourites, but your own menu will give you so much more flexibility and consistency - and the contentment of knowing you did it yourself.

    Rather than talk about what a custom menu can do, with LemonUI, here is a quick appetizer. If there is interest I'll start to post tutorials that anyone can understand, even those who have never programmed before.

    I can actually do that because i'm not a programmer.

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