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Arthur Morgan replace Michael

  • Hello, who can replace Michael's head to Arthur Morgan's head

  • Hell yeah!!

    Default Michael looks and sounds like a douche!

    Worst main game character design I've ever seen.

    I currently use this head model.

    It's an improvement fo sure but a hq version would be better.

  • @gtavjamal he is a douche, real POS

  • @JohnFromGWN Of all the countless choices of actors available I honestly have no idea what Rockstar were thinking with the Michael and Franklin characters. It's a big role getting selected for both sound and likeness for a game as big as GTA V almost on par with a HUGE blockbuster movie.

  • @gtavjamal trevor is cool and Canadian, who would you cast for Franklin and Michael.

    Will Smith is good at slapping faces, so my choice.

    For Michael Ryan Reynolds cuz he's fuuny

  • @JohnFromGWN Trevor has the x-factor. Great choice!

    Yeah those Ryan and Will Smith are fine because they have that x-factor. Haha they would need to incorporate Will's slap into a mission lol.

    Btw. When I say bad ass that just means something special about them.

    Im guessing Rockstar would say Ruan and Will would be too high profile / too expensive so going for actors less well known, for Michael perhaps the guy who plays Terry Silver in Cobra Kai Thomas Ian Griffith. For Franklin Israel Adesanya comes to mind even tho he's an UFC fighter not an actor but he seems to have enough charisma and flare.

  • @gtavjamal kabib is the most badass and retired from UFC, so available.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah he's another option. Admittedly I don't know much about him other than his final fight incident and he's a lil Russian dude. If he's the silent type of Russian then I don't think that will work unless they scale factor him up to be Ivan Drago's size but being an action / mission type game dialogue is important. The Russian dude in GTA IV I never got into that game because I found him too boring. Still take him any day over Michael tho lol.

    PS. My dream GTA would be called GTA Scarface featuring Tony Montana! Basically like the Scarface movie on steroids combined with the PS2 game so the entire story encompasses both the movie and the game just in a lot more detail. In this version Tony didn't die just like in the PS2 game and also he only wounded Manny but at the time he intended to kill and thought he did.

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