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Vice Cry Remastered uninstallation

  • I installed Vice Cry remastered to my gta5 game but when I tried to run the game, it just crashed on a black screen before I even started loading. I deleted the dlcpacks file and the dlclist text for it but it just does the same thing and crashed immediately. pls help

  • @oatmeal
    Unfortunately you very likely installed with an OIV? You can see which files were replaced by extracting the archive. Your gameconfig.xml was likely replaced too with a version several years old, so reinstall it first.


  • The one I use is in the folder here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tUymyYA_weU3TlNbeQgAy521-EqWygvL/view?usp=sharing. You will need to sign in to google drive to get it. Also, if you decide to use countryside then you will have to change the setup xml and content xml to get it to work.

  • @Cruel he's trying to uninstall the damage, not reinstall on top. If he initially installed with an OIV that replaced his gameconfig.xml with one from 1945, then chances are pretty good his system will crash.

    Unfortunately the only way to fully uninstall an OIV is to look at the assembly.xml in the extracted OIV. If he didn't use an OIV, if it was a manual install, then the undo process is self explanatory.

    The real challenge is figuring out if the update is also to blame.

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