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A Character Creator similar to online mode character

  • hi i would like to know if theres a character creator similar to online mode for singleplayer to create mp characters cause in menyoo or anyother skin control etc it shows like 1 2 for mother and father and cheek etc adjustments. i want to create a character similar from a youtube video but cant seem to find the appropriate creator since it shows just 1 2 3 etc when u change it ... any help would be appreciated like the character i am making or trying to wants has its mother as sophia and father alex as in customization dont know what that would be in menyoo or any other so

  • @R-E-L-A-X Hi, friend.

    Have you tried this? It's what you need, I haven't tried it.


  • @Fabito48hd thanks for reply. and yeah i tried it its same almost as skin control and menyoo etc since u dont know who father and mother will be and in adjustments it shows number in it 1 2 3 etc doesnt show who the mother or father is like online .

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