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Clearer description for maps

  • Would it be possible for map creators to clearly state what kind of map it is in the description without having to open the page?

    This would allow the user to quickly avoid clicking on inferior quality maps like Menyoo or Map Editor instead of MLOs or ymaps.

    This is an example where you need to click and read description to realize it's only xml


    Just to be clear, I'm referring to the Mod title and the view from the maps page, I fully realize the information is in the description but not before you click.

    Vehicle modders generally clearly state in the description whether their mods are addons or replaces, or both, sp or fivem, or both, or if the mod is just handling or sound. This allows user to click or not to see more. Same would be nice for maps when viewing new Uploads.

  • Only way this could be easily enforced is to add a server-side rule that checks if the title contains YMAP/Menyoo/whatever, and if it doesn't, don't accept the upload. Since that's not going to happen though, the only thing that can be done is for moderators to edit every single title, which is a waste of time.

  • @Jitnaught I fully realize server side development is out of the question, all I'm asking is that the rules and regulations have a minor ammendment to please provide type of map, with categories as examples, in the title.

    I've seen on numerous occasions admins calling out modders for not having change logs or other deficiencies.

    I'd be more than happy to report map infractions if this is outside their mandate or a waste of time.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    This is where it could be added, assuming that edits are possible on this site.

    Please ensure you uploaded an in-game image or representative art of your mod.
    Please ensure the following is in your description:

    Mod description including type of mod (addon, replace, MLO, xml, ymap, whatever makes sense for the site)
    Bugs and features
    Summary of installation instructions
    Credits and, if applicable, notices of permission for content re-use
    Failing to provide the necessary details will result in your mod being rejected.
    You can upload your mod files on the next page.

    EDIT: it does not have to be enforced or policed or become a chore for admins. Ask the uploaders to do it and hopefully they will comply in the spirit of the community.

    Some might have a GFY attitude, fine, at least it was asked. Or consider it an honor system.


    Actually the tags system does that function (at least for Android and PC). If you hover your mouse over a mod upload preview image (before opening the mod page on PC) or you finger scroll while on phone you'll be able to see the tags it does contain. We always make sure the tags include the kind of content it is (car, truck, gun, melee, skin, texture, etc) and what does require to work (Menyoo, Map Editor, ScriptHookV, SHVDN, etc). You can see them on the following image:

    I don't really think we need to put, once again, the same info in the description when it's available either in the mod title or in the mod tags and is easier to find that way.

  • @Reyser Good to know. Thanks.

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