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[PLAYER] mp female model creation

  • hi can anyone make this mp female model it does not need any mods its made from vanilla base game . I tried to make it but couldn't make it according to the video. I would love it if someone can make it exactly following the video video link:


  • @R-E-L-A-X that's definitely modded

  • @JustDancePC head is modded, but the body is still that of a man, known fact she does steroids

  • @JustDancePC really she said its in the base game even showed the customization on how to make her i tried but menyoo etc skin control it shows 1 2 3 its not like the orginal game character creator so

  • @R-E-L-A-X I don't play online so I can't tell for sure, but it definitely looks modded to me - could be wrong.

    Easy way to find out is to follow the video steps online and see if you can match her look. If you can't she is modded, if you can she isn't.

    I have never seen any MP female that didn't look like a pig - other than all the fake pictures - and even if her face did look good her body is masculine as hell.

  • @JohnFromGWN the steps i wanted to try but u know the menyoo etc is not the same as orginal creator of the game so i cant find or seem to find right settings in it for menyoo

  • @R-E-L-A-X i don't mean in Menyoo, i meant using the online creator

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