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Alamo Fruit Market - No fruit?? [SOLVED]

  • I noticed others seem to have fruit outside at the Alamo Fruit Market

    As far as I recall I never ever had / have fruit there.

    Doesn't matter what pc platform, what game version (including the very latest), what settings.

    No mods installed other than SHV, SHVDN.

    Tried different save games at different % progress.

    Verified all my game files.

    Checked at all times of the day.

    If anyone can confirm if I am doing something wrong that would be dope thanks.


  • @gtavjamal pandemic has caused supply chain issues not to mention labor shortages. This could explain missing fruits and also ridiculously inflated prices.

  • @JohnFromGWN Hahaha you made me choke on my drink!

  • @gtavjamal drinking fruit juice? Uninstall the NoFruitForYou mod and install Simple Better Fresh Fruit addon

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol!!

    Btw. Fruit juice is for children. When you grow up you drink Jack Daniels.

  • [Facepalm]

    Finally realized my mistake!!

    In Settings / Graphics my Population Density, Population Variety and Distance Scaling bars were all the way down.

    Didn't realize because I saw the dark green bars thinking it was all set to max.


    Dark green = off
    Light green = on

    Ftr. The fruit etc is toggled via the Distance Scaling bar setting.

  • @gtavjamal mine are blue and Grey, so no confusion

  • @JohnFromGWN Thats real good. Stupid mistake of mine but always happy to be wrong and learn / get things right.

  • @gtavjamal I meant by default, I don't even know why mine are different from yours. You didn't make a mistake.

  • @JohnFromGWN Haha perhaps it's the GTA V house colors we are assigned to. If this were Harry Potter you would be in Revenclaw, me in Slytherin lol.

    Seriously tho. The color appears to be matched to the player. Trevor = orange, Michael = blue and Franklin = green.

    70% of the time I play as Trevor. 25% as Franklin and 5% Michael. But when my game starts it's always on Franklin on a rock overlooking the Alamo sea.

    Ftr. I changed up the appearance of all my main characters but the voices of Franklin and Michael drive me crazy!! Micheal esp!! Franklin sounds like a pussy and Michael like ...yeah one of those lol. Wish there was a voice changer mod for those two. There is a CJ voice replacement for Franklin bit it aint complete yet as far as I know.

  • @gtavjamal Honestly I have no idea why your colours are different from mine unless they are different versions or you have a mod installed that changes the game settings menu. I don't think Windows themes have anything to do with this - they should not impact a game.

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