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Add-On problems in GTA V

  • When I install an add-on, be it the peds add-on or a car, I do everything fine, the game loads fine, but when I go to spawn the car, it is not in the trainer, nor in the add-on menu. on peds the peds I install. If you can help me please do. Thank you

  • @frenezix04 said in Add-On problems in GTA V:

    I do everything fine,

    Actually you don't, if you did they would spawn.

    Did you edit dlclist.xml? Did u do it properly?

  • yes, I leave you a pastebin link here so you can take a look:
    addon peds is on last line

  • @frenezix04 Addonpeds is an outdated mod so I'm not surprised, and I don't use it.

    But I don't see any cars???? Or are my eyes just tired?

    You said you couldn't spawn cars?

  • actually i haven´t installed any car, but in the past i installed some cars and the trainer for spawn it and it no appears

    i do exactly the same, put the car folder in dlcpacks, and put in in the dlclist.xml
    the problem now is: the game read the dlclist.xml official dlcs, but no the add-ons

  • @frenezix04 your addons are properly installed in the mods folder? Can you add a car and provide screenshot of the folder and also copy the dlclist.xml entry and paste it here?

    There is absolutely no reason for cars not to spawn when properly installed, with one exception which is when the spawn name is different than the folder name. This is usually mentioned in the mod instructions.

  • I am redownloading an reinstalling, and then i will do all the process again. If it doesn´t work, i post a video for watch how i install a car.

  • here is the video installing a car:

    and here is the video installing the car in the mod folder (the game crash when i install it in mod folder):

  • @frenezix04 You have a mods folder and the instructions for the Lambo said to put it in the mods folder, but did you notice you put it in the games update folder?

  • that was i made in the first video, but the game updates automaticlly and the dlclist restart
    i tried to install it in the mod folder but it crashes

  • @frenezix04 If addons are crashing your game, try changing your gameconfig.xml mod, and get into the habit of installing mods in your mods folder.

    If you install a car in the game dlcpacks and then put the entry in the mods dlclist it will not load.

  • so i got to copy update and x64 folder to mods?

  • i do that, i do it in the mod folder and the game crash when load, and i install 1 car only

  • i solucionate the priblem! i installed the heap imit and gameconfig and the game dont crash at start, and the addon works! thanks for the help always!!

  • @frenezix04 good for you. Gameconfig.xml mod is essential, even 1 car addon can crash a game without it.

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