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Add-On cars not working anymore?

  • Sadly I can't use AddOn Cars anymore. I can add them via OpenIV but after I edit the dlclist.xml and I try to start the game, Rockstar Launcher always says, I need to do an update to GTA and after that update, my dlclist.xml gets resetted. So I'm not able to change that file! Someone knows any solution to this?

  • @zAquaMentha 🤦‍♂️ Don't edit vanilla files. Use a mods folder.

  • @chonkie I already did, but that didn't work either, the game is just crashing. I've added the Add-on folders with the included dlc.rpf and edited the dlclist.xml correctly, like I have it done all the years before

  • @zAquaMentha Ok let's make something very clear. Whether you have a Steam version, or Epic Games, or Retail, Rockstar will never reset the dlclist.xml in your mods folder.

    Nothing in your mods folder, nothing personal in your game folder (for example asi files) is ever reset or deleted or replaced by Rockstar on an update.

    If your dlclist.xml is reset there are four possibilities, and only 4.

    1. Your dlclist.xml is not in your mods folder, it is in your games folder.
    2. You have a dlclist.xml in your mods folder, but you mistakenly edit the one in the games folder instead.
    3. You allow OpenIV, after an update, do replace your update.rpf. Since it contains your mod version of dlclist.xml, it gets wiped out.
    4. Rockstar does not like you and wants to make your life miserable.

    P.S. We all think we are "doing things correctly" but to err is human and we make mistakes.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thats what I mean with my reply. When I edit it in my "Mods" folder, the game just crashes. I removed everything and tried again, but same problem. Nvm I think it just shouldn't be lol

  • @zAquaMentha if your game crashes with the simple addition of an addon, it is almost certainly because you don't have the right gameconfig.xml mod installed, updated to match your game, along with heap and pack adjusters.

    Strongly recommend you look at this post.

    And this one

  • This has been a problem for certain steam players since 2020, There was an update that completely broke the ability to use Add-on cars. All other mods work fine.

    you can leave the dlcpacks.xml edited but but as soon as you put a single folder in dlc packs it will cause the game to simply close when loading single player, as if you pressed Alt+F4. Sometimes if you install different .xml files you might get a crash error

    You don't need any .xml or heap/pack adjusters for a clean install with scripthookV and a single Add-on car.

    My Rockstar Launcher version of GTA 5 works fine with Add-on cars

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