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Finally - Quality

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Jokes jokes haha.

    Seriously tho yeah alex189 is one of those authors where every release is 5 stars guaranteed!! In terms of quality they are all flagship / benchmark ped examples.

    There are many other great ones too. Not quite on the same quality level but very close.

    I made a list of dream peds I would also love to see in GTA V a while back. If I was able to make them myself I would but way above my head lol.

  • @IAmJFry You know I have been to your discord for quite a while ago too. I was holding myself for a long time to say this and I don't care if I get any punishment for it but you are a super naive and hostile person and I won't be able to hold my words any longer...

    and from what I have seen, you started a personal vendetta with @JohnFromGWN out of nowhere despite never even got mentioned at all.

    and to you and your own entitled rules, noone has a saying on mods they don't like, no one has the freedom to give any star below 5 especially to your defended mods, no one even has a freedom to express their gratitudes on the ACTUALLY PROPER mods.

    He comes and says how good it is to finally see a proper ped mod, and you coming in here out of nowhere like someone summoned you and saying "congrats?". Oh but of course, when it comes to you, you are free as a bird to start an argument, downvote comments like a child, critic your imaginative enemies... and now this makes me wonder, why don't you be like a middle school girl and block and ignore the people you just don't like? Because you are far worse than spoiled rich school girls!! Even them have the common sense of not engaging any further interactions with people they don't like or don't get along with, but you are always and always looking for an excuse to start a hostile interaction with anyone you just don't like.

    What was those words you were saying once? "If you don't like the mod, just leave the page."
    and here is my words to you then; If you don't like the comments, just leave the page and be done with it. None of those people need someone to defend themselves nor their minecraft quality peds. and no, I am not here to defend John either, I just observed the comments under his topics and seeing your name everywhere I look and not one single of them has anything called "constructive" at all either!

    Yes I always try to avoid any downwards spiral interactions with everyone but you are pushing this nonsense clusterF sh.....hole hostility for too long and for no reason at all.

    No one is perfect, neither has any obligation to be perfect. I did so many mistakes in the past too, both in here and in real life. Sometimes I got punished, sometimes I got forgiven, sometimes I was right, sometimes I was wrong. Yes I also did push some things but I knew where to stop and when to let go. So stop pursuing this endless goose chase hostility you are in already....

  • @Aurora11 Amen. Well said.

  • @Aurora11
    Yea you were in my Discord until you started spewing random 9/11 conspiracy shit and just being obnoxious. I don't really want to read your whole post to be honest so thanks for your input? Also, my last post was like 3 days ago. Obviously the whole matter is over lol.

  • @IAmJFry Yes, considering how you were keep throwing random and meaningless things about 9/11 , I put the official data how hot a plane fuel can burn and how much heat it would be needed to turn a reinforced steel into a molten lava. But of course, just like I told you, everyone have to accept what you say and believe, and if they not, they are wrong. You were the one writing tons of conspiracy shit but somehow I am being the conspiracy theorist when I prove an official data. Oh and that plane that got crashed on Shanksville by heroic passangers used to crash it down by talking with their cellphones, you still don't remember that 4th plane right? Oh right I understand you, cuz the only wreckage was left from it a single piece of landing gear, a half burnt passport and a shemag. Surely very easily forgotten. But of course, in your so called genius idea, the plane just burnt to it's ashes and those ashes got melted down to molten lava which then went underground all the way to the magma. This is your so genius claim. Anyways, I'm not gonna go into that stupid logic of yours in here, wasn't intended to bring it up at the first place but obviously you still having a heartbreak for losing that conversation and banning me to satisfy your needs...

    Your last post was like 3 days ago? Again, you are trying to cover your bullshits by making excuses. Do you want me to send a screenshot of your forum profile? Perhaps you might have forgotten that 90% of your posts made directly to John so need to be reminded to realize it?? But if you are still into that 3 days nonsense, yes unlike you I have better and enjoyable things to do instead of attacking people I don't like.

    Here another post for you to downvote. Now come on, I believe with enough dedication you can negative my total reputation...

  • @Aurora11
    Lol. Alright all over now.

    You can send me a DM if you really need to talk to someone.

  • @IAmJFry Send you a DM? Thanks but no thanks. I could go talk to stray doggies outside, at least they don't bark nor bite to people just because they don't like ..

    and here a visual expression of how much f I give about you

    alt text

  • @Aurora11
    I’ll give you a thumbs up for that one! Alright, well good luck with your future endeavors.

  • @JohnFromGWN Alex189's Dead or Alive mods were the reason that I wanted more from that series. I always felt they fit within the game and the quality of the models are great.

    I would make a request for more, but I'm not sure many would except my form of payment. Venmo is also not supported outside the U.S. So it limits the people who can do it. And I would like someone who knows what to do.

    Should I put out a request anyway? Sorry if I am little off-topic here. Just figured I throw in how I felt about Alex189's mods.

  • @9BallAC If you look at the comments on @saldin93 's Kira model page he doesn't give any indication that requests will be considered. Obviously everyone has their price but if they are both working full time then that price would likely be steep.

    Keep in mind that a quality conversion or model from scratch would take countless hours.

    So you can ask. One favorable outcome would be if a talented new 3d modeler stepped forward to carry the flame.

  • @JohnFromGWN They are not taking any requests and they will ignore them. It sucks man, but if they don't have the time, why should they bother.

    Its is kind of shame. They could be making some good money, comsidering it seems that a lot of the community is willing to pay them.

    I will still think about posting a request.

  • @9BallAC Yeah dawg cant hurt to try unless they boldly said NO REQUESTS. As JohnFromGWN mentioned everyone has their price but the definition of 'good money' can vary considerably form person to person.

  • @gtavjamal yeah. I mean suppose, arbitrarily, Alex has a programming job paying $30 to $40 per hour. And say he works 20 hours or whatever to convert a mod. That's like $600 to $800 of his time. How much will a modder pay and how many sales will it take for him to make a decent profit?

    And the best mods would be leaked, right?

    So why bother creating mods unless it's a hobby.

  • @JohnFromGWN Exactly dawg and that's just to reach break even.

    Forget making a profit that's worth his time.

    Has to be a hobby or forget it.

    Btw. Haha I remember you mentioned uploading a new t-shirt mod and / or ped stick figure daily. Whats yo bare minimum hourly rate / total price per upload lol?

  • @gtavjamal I would say 100 hours for a hello kitty t-shirt @ $100 an hour, so $10,000 per request, give or a take a few grand.

    For Menyoo presets, like an outfit, I would charge $80 flat rate or subscribe to my patreon site for 50 bucks a month, this will help me pay for my pirated software, my internet connection, alimony payments, weed, beer, rent, and Netflix.

  • @9BallAC Huh, saw this post. Sorry to break you down on this. What I can tell you is that, its not about money, its just that Alex has move on from modding. Even me, the closest one to him can't convinced him otherwise.

    It's just that he found a new solitude on his new full-time job. I hope you would respect his decision. As for this Kira ped, like I wrote earlier, it was not meant to be released anywhere, but I managed to get his permission to release it in public.

    Again, I hope you would respect his decision as he is moving on from the modding community.

  • And, after reading this post, all I could say is thank you very much for the support y'all. I seldom roam through the forums, but looking at this made me smile.

  • @saldin93 The community loves both of you for what you have done. We haven't had anyone come close to the quality as John said. Thats why when you posted, it was like a huge celebration.

    I hope for the best in both you and Alex189 in your future. And if you two ever decide to come back to the modding scene, we will welcome it.

  • @saldin93 Thank you and Alex for making wonderful mods. As you wrote, this is unfortunately a closing chapter not only for Alex but perhaps for quality mods in general - unless a new crop of talented creators carries the flame forward. The current quality of peds and animations is horrible.

  • @saldin93 It's honestly very heartbreaking to hear :( it's just very sad many good things are coming to an end .. :cry:

    I sincerely wish a beautiful journey to both you and @alex189 in your life from the heart and thanks again for all the amazing peds you two brought to us :( :sparkling_heart: :rose:

  • sorry for barging in, I have an update to make.

    Since Alex retired, I took some time to figure how to port stuffs. I ended up porting stuffs:
    alt text

    Though I'm targeting to finish this up at the end of this year (my slow and steady pace) and of course for FREE. I do not condone paid mods.

    I won't be as great as Alex, but I'll try my best.

  • @saldin93 Well you did an excellent job on Kira...great news. Thanks!

  • @JohnFromGWN ah no, I only edit her ymt clothes slots and textures. Alex did the rest of the shit.

    Though from now on, I'm doing the 3d works too

  • @saldin93 I'm sure you'll do great and the effort is definitely appreciated. Your worst failure would likely be better than 99% of the ped mods currently uploaded.

  • thanks dude, I'll do my best

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