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How to install Custom Animations - Advanced and Curious Users

  • Warning: this post is not for users who need mods for everything. This is for advanced users who understand modding and those beginners who are curious and want to learn how to do things themselves.

    There has been a proliferation of animation mods, some good, some bad. One thing they don't have in common is where to install these mods. Some are addons, some tell you to use existing dlcpacks, and there are some mods which will do what I'm going to show here. Anyway, the installation locations/paths are a dog's breakfast. This approach is to consolidate all ycd files in one rpf. Just drag and drop once setup.

    Once more, I know there are mods to do this. Not reinventing the wheel. This post is just for those who want to do things for themselves, a DIY approach. Best way to learn.

    A few notes. Contrary to popular belief, the Folder name used in setup2.xml and content.xml can be any name you want. For example, in my demo video I use a folder called GTA5Animations but in the xml files I use AnyName. It doesn't matter. The reason I mention this is to avoid wasting time or create errors with typos while editing and replacing folder names.

    What is important is that these files refer to the rpf that contains the actual animations, the .ycd files. In the demo video, the container for ycd's is called animations.rpf and that exact same name is used in the xmls.

    Also avoid using the same name for your folder and your animations to avoid conflicts. Remember to update your dlclist.xml and your fav animations file in Menyoo - you can also use a script with custom animations without a trainer.

    The files used in the demo are incredible pose animations, not displayed since I don't have permission, by @Aurora11 .
    I'm also including the templates for content.xml and setup2.xml below. Remember, you don't need to change the folder name in these files, only the one containing your animation ycd files.

    Please view, for the best quality and less lag, the video on Youtube at 1080P and Full Screen.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <disabledFiles />
      <includedXmlFiles />
      <includedDataFiles />
          <overlay value="true" />
          <disabled value="true" />
          <persistent value="true" />
    	  <filesToDisable />
    	  <txdToLoad />
    	  <txdToUnload />
    	  <residentResources />
    	  <unregisterResources />
      <patchFiles />


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <timeStamp>1/17/2019 00:00:00</timeStamp>
      <order value="1" />  

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