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PLZ help IDK. clothing mods (sp) franklin (loose fit tshirt) .

  • plzz help iam intalling clothing mods and it fits perfectly on player but there is some mods doesn't work perfect as loose fit tshirt iam using EMF easy mods folder and last versions script hook i only downloaded the whole game from one month .sorry for my ENG :) that's screens for the problem!
    copy and search for :100:

  • @lil-joe how clothing fits has nothing to do with sh5, it has to do with making sure the clothes you use match the model you are using. This is especially true of the MP peds, you need to match the proper torso with the selected clothes as an example.

    You can't link images to local folders, they need to be in the cloud.

  • @JohnFromGWN https://ibb.co/gjPrgL6 im sorry if i can't reply immedetily put plz if u can help me do it .and from what i under stand, clothes i install for franklin not mp

  • @lil-joe
    Sorry but your message isn't clear.
    If you're trying to put clothes for the MP ped on Franklin it won't work.

    If you're trying to put clothes for Franklin on Franklin, which I think is what you want, you need to play with different settings in Menyoo or Simple Trainer for the torso until you find the right fit. It is also possible the mod is glitchy or defective.

    And your pictures are very small, hard to see the details.

    Please watch the video to see how to post images.

    alt text

    alt text

  • @lil-joe said in PLZ help IDK. clothing mods (sp) franklin (loose fit tshirt) .:

    copy and search for :100:

    This has to be a joke

  • @JustDancePC honestly you're surprised? You've been here long enough, verdad?

  • @JustDancePC we should have a top ten for the best ones.

  • @JohnFromGWN man it was a fault
    not a matter to laugh man
    second thing u didnt help me focus on the shirt. its look like lined idk

  • @lil-joe I apologize but it was funny, not you, the mistake, and we've all made mistakes.

    As for your problem, i did answer you in my post above.

    With your trainer, whether Menyoo or Simple Trainer or ENT, you need to play with the settings.

    In Menyoo this would be the torso. Change the values for the torso until it fits.

    I don't know how the other trainers do this but the order is like this.

    The first component for an outfit, 0, is the head.
    Then 1 for beards or masks
    2 for hair
    3 for the torso, sometimes called the upper.

    What trainer are you using?

    Also remember that maybe the t-shirt is defective.

  • @JohnFromGWN at first its ok but i felt That iam clown man
    2 i use menyoo but how to go to this settings
    If u can give details. :smiley:
    And we will think about that top 10 later :laughing:

  • @lil-joe please send me the link to the tshirt.

  • @lil-joe

    Play with torso and and Top2 (Outer) until you get the proper combo.

  • @JohnFromGWN man not like this

  • @JohnFromGWN man search for loose in gta 5 mods there is a tshirt mode by pr0trikk
    thats it

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