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GTAV [Cracked version or Clean/Original & Updated Version]

  • Hello!

    I have a GTAV Online Account both on Steam and Epic Games (got for FREE).

    However, I have friends who wanted to play as well, buy unfortunately they have no money to purchase for a GTAV Online Account. So I was thinking if we could bond together with this GTA Coop.

    I am just wondering, if, Can I use the legit copy of GTAV Online from Steam/Epic Games? Since its more updated?
    And if yes, will it affect my Online account?
    Will those "required files" to enable the CooP mode, modify / alter any files of the legit copy?
    And if those altered files can it cause my legit online account to get banned? if decided to play the real GTAV Online from steam/epic games?


    No discussion on pirated content

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