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[PLAYER] Franklin head replace mod

  • Would love to see a Franklin head replace mod please.

    There are a few existing Franklin head mods that make him look a lil less goofy but he still looks like a pussy lol.

    The face tat mods make no difference coz he's still got those chubby cheeks.

    I want Franklin to look bad ass.

    For example.

    CJ head replace for Franklin would be dope!

    Younger Mike Tyson head replace for Franklin would be dope!

    Israel Adesanya head replace for Franklin would be dope!


  • @gtavjamal put the blob head on him

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol a bad ass blob! Seriously it wouldn't make much difference to the default.

    Btw. I hope this wont be the case for GTA VI but judging by the standard of modern characters across the board it seems thats the trend now. Realistic is fine but at least make the men bad ass and the women hot lol. Compare Mortal Kombats current Sonya Blade with previous versions, epic fail imho.

  • @gtavjamal the women in gta5, and the men, are butt effing ugly. Was it less expensive to use ugly models?

    The vagos chick and the black lost mc chick are ok, but the others? Two baggers, one for her and one for you if your bag falls off.

    And don't get me started on the steroid drag queen mp freemode shemale.

  • @JohnFromGWN Lol they have faces for radio.

    Since around 2013 possibly earlier this trend of fugly has snowballed. Not only gaming but compare modern Barbie to the old school Barbie's. Many other things too.

    Real talk. Essentially ones looks are a representation of their genetic quality and apparently there is a part of brain real estate dedicated to judge for that specific purpose for the sake of survival and replication etc. That's why we can judge within a fraction of a second yes / no if someone look hot but it can take forever to pick out a choice from the shelf lol.

    Anyway dawg fk this pc crap propaganda brainwashing bs I refuse to buy into it lol.

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