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Adding GTA V license plate on project car

  • Hello to everyone who is seeing this topic. Decided that I want to add more custom cars for the taxis and found some DEV Templates which has no GTA V license plate instead they have custom ones that can't be changed (except from the .ytd)

    I am new to this kind of stuff but want to learn and go on my own. Read in some forums and found out that I need a vanilla vehicle imported into ZModeler then to delete everything except the license plate. After that, I can export it and import it again into the project car. Also, I have to set up the materials.

    Anything will be helpful
    Thanks in advance :)


  • @EzeerZz yes. grab a vanilla car and steal its license plate model. to save time, use the comet s2 (comet6_hi.yft, comet6.yft) since its license plate is separated from the bumper. once imported, delete everything in the hierarchy except for "misc_h" (license plate) and export it as license_plate or something. don't export it as comet6_hi or comet6 to avoid confusion

  • @drlq99 Thanks, a lot!

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