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Add On Cars Not Spawning, Please Help!

  • I have some problems with some add on cars (not all). I use simple trainer and when I try to spawn them is says "CAR_NAME spawns" but it is nothing . I tried everything but nothing is working. Can someone help me please?

  • @Darius_Pet

    Please provide a link to one of the cars with this issue (likely folder name <> spawn name, or dlclist entry.)

    and check this out for possible causes and solutions. Car Addon Mod Doesn't Spawn

    and also if you want a refresher How to Install Vehicle Addon in 2022 - From A to Z

  • I did everything. The spawn name is the same with the folder name in dlcpacks and in the dlclist entry.
    I also did the installation in the mods folder. What did I missed?

  • @Darius_Pet Please post the link to the mod. And please post the line in dlclist.xml for the car (cars) that don't spawn.

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